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Bromic Logo Bromic have the goal of providing high-value, reliable refrigeration products, and they meet this goal every time.

High quality products that are scrutinized and tested for Australian conditions ensure you will be satisfied with Bromic Fridges, Freezers or Ice Machines.

100 points of quality

Bromic's trusted "100-Point Check" is a seal of quality, value and reliability. All products are scrutinized, modified, and tested for compliance before reaching the Australian market.

Bromic Stainless Steel Range nows comes with 24month warranty 

Made for Australian conditions
Bromic products are engineered for Australian conditions under stringent testing and engineering protocols, and Bromic's "100-Point Check" ensures that all products perform at the highest levels under Australian conditions.
Trusted products
Bromic offers a wide variety of products, all certified with Bromic's trusted "100-Point Check".

From upright fridges to supermarket freezers, Bromic offers a product for every refrigeration need.
Trusted products

Bromic Refrigeration: Quality Fact Check

Bromic Refrigeration and other products are made for Australian weather conditions. We have checked the 100-point check that ensures the quality of fridges and freezers. Our engineering team has tested the Bromic refrigeration are durable and reliable as they pass the stringent tests. The 100-point quality check means we have the highest levels of Bromic refrigerators that work fine in harsh Australian climates.

Bromic Refrigeration: Ideal for Shops and Supermarkets

When you talk about reliable refrigerators in Australia for commercial use, there is no doubt about the performance of Bromic refrigeration products. Whether you need an upright fridge or trying to find the best supermarket freezers, we have the top and most reliable series of Bromic refrigerators in Australia.

Bromic Series of Refrigerators

When we talk about the Bromic refrigerators, the list is long and covers every aspect. It includes Bromic fridges, freezers, food display chillers, medical vaccine refrigerators and fridges for merchandisers. The Bromic commercial fridge equipment series has ISO 90001 certification, which means the International Organisation for Standardisation has certified the Bromic refrigerators to pass the set of five quality management system standards.

ISO Certified Bromic Refrigerators at Commercial Fridge Freezer

Australia is among the top countries with a good ratio of adapting to the ISO standards. In 2014, Australia ranked among the top 10 countries worldwide for ISO certifications. Keeping this trend alive, we here at Commercial Fridge Freezer also have ISO-certified quality Bromic refrigerators built to last as promised.

Why to Buy Bromic Refrigeration Products

Bromic Refrigeration is known for its reputation earned by providing reliable refrigeration products. Our range of Bromic fridges add value to your shop, pharmacy or shopping mall. We have over 130 Bromic refrigerators and equipment that are tested over 100 points while these products are made to bear the tough Australian climate. You will be at peace of mind that each of the Bromic refrigerators is tested to ensure its compliance before it hits the shelf to be available for sale.

History of Bromic Refrigeration in Australia

The journey for Bromic started back in 1978 as a supplier of gas components, and they gradually became an international leader that designs, manufactures and distributes quality products. Their area of expertise includes refrigeration, gas, plumbing and heating products. The Bromic refrigeration products have been available in the market since 1999, and these refrigeration products are engineered for specific tasks tailored to the needs of people from various industries, including food chains, ice cream stores, pharmaceutical businesses, and merchandisers to display their food and beverage products. We have the largest variety of Bromic fridges, equipment and products in Australia.

Bromic Refrigeration: 2 Door Glass Refrigerators

Our collection of Bromic 2 door glass refrigerators is best for businesses that want to display their food & beverage products in an attractive way. Apart from aesthetical looks, Bromic refrigeration products are engineered to provide optimal cooling and are tested to withstand the harsh Australian weather, especially in summer. Our range of Bromic refrigerators is best fitted to the needs of businesses who need the functionality, performance and where they can display their products to the public.

Further, features like LED lighting, adjustable shelving, and energy-efficient glass doors, ISO 9001-certified Bromic fridges offer reliability and performance. This means you are investing in the best range of fridges.

Bromic Refrigeration: 2 Door Stainless Steel Fridges

The 2 door stainless steel Bromic refrigeration products are ideal for those who need durable refrigeration products. Our range of stainless steel fridges is ideal where there is a chance of breakage, or you want to add an extra security layer for food products. This means these fridges are ideal for restaurants, bakeries, fast food chains, commercial kitchens, Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, hotels and any other food-making businesses or other commercial businesses. These fridges are easy to clean, and maintenance is also easy.

Bromic Refrigeration for Medicines and Vaccine Storage

The healthcare sector depends on reliable refrigeration products that are known for providing precise temperature control fridges. To provide reliable storage and cooling options, we have a series of Bromic refrigeration for medical stores, pharmacies and bio labs where they can store their medicines, vaccines or related bioproducts or plasma samples. With ISO certification, these refrigerators meet the highest standards of quality, making them a trusted choice for pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

Buy Bromic Refrigeration from the Best Refrigeration Store in Australia

When you need reliable refrigeration products and equipment in Australia with the best customer services, there is no better option than Commercial Fridge Freezers. We deliver Bromic refrigeration products all over Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and other Australian cities. Call us with confidence to buy the best range of Bromic refrigeration products and equipment or you can discuss for a tailored rental plan for bromic fridges.