Commercial Ambient Food Display Cabinets

Commercial Ambient Food Display Cabinets

Ambient Food Display Cabinets

All types of food businesses nowadays are using food display cabinets. You might find these in stores, restaurants, and even bakeries. These are called display cabinets and the purpose of these cabinets is to grab the customer's attention so that a customer focuses on the items placed in these cabinets. To make them look appealing they tend to be more clean, neat, and well-lit with lights making them look visually aesthetic.

They can be placed directly on counters and the primary purpose of these ambient food display cabinets is to display the items stored in these cabinets. The items placed in these cabinets are usually those items that are non-perishable at room temperatures. However, they also come with freezing capabilities, but the purpose remains the same, which is to display the item rather than use them for storing purposes. The primary purpose of these is to grab customer attention and to sell and display these items and in case of restaurants or bakeries to sell them.

There are several types of food display cabinets available in the market with different types having different attributes. We have all kinds of ambient food display cabinets that you can choose from, and we also have the best and top-quality brands to offer.

Types of Food Display Cabinets

These Ambient display cabinets mainly come in two types of countertops displays and food showcase displays. However, before choosing either of these it is highly advisable to account for your requirements as both serve their purposes. For instance, it is important to look where you want these cabinets to be installed as they are used in a wide variety of areas like deli, restaurants, and other businesses.

The type of product that will be placed on these shelves must be kept in mind before buying an ambient food display cabinet. For instance, products like rice, cooked vegetables, and meat (ribs) could be kept in damp display cabinets. However, products like fried chicken, fish fingers and pizza require less moisture. So, all of these are kept in mind before buying these cabinets as the purpose is to keep these edibles safe and make sure that they look visually appealing in cabinets, so customer attention is grabbed.

Benefits of Food Display Cabinets

There are several benefits of using these display cabinets ranging from easy cleaning, customizable, visual experience, consistent quality, efficient temperature controlling systems, and more.

Making Your Products Presentable

Sometimes products that require temperature sensitivity also need to be sold quickly through marketing. If that’s a scenario you are facing then a food display cabinet might be a good choice because it will not only keep your products fresh but will also make sure that they have swift sales.

Keeping Items Fresh

Aside from making your items look fresh, one more important attribute of these cabinets is that they keep your products fresh as well because a lot of times products have their requirements. For instance, some products require slight heating, some require less moisture exposure, and some require low temperatures. You can customise these cabinets to suit your needs and this way they can not only be aesthetically attractive to customers but also they could keep your items fresh.

Low Energy Consumption

One of the most underrated attributes of these ambient food display cabinets is that they are good when it comes to energy consumption. One might think how it is possible, let’s assume you are in the supermarket. You go to the refrigerator and open its door and look for your choice of item. The longer you keep this door open the more energy would be wasted and in result making them less effective when it comes down to energy consumption.

On the other hand, with these cabinets being transparent a person can choose their piece of item and then can open the cabinet in this way a person only wastes the energy as long as it takes him to pick out that item from the cabinet. Compared to refrigeration where the door would be open for longer periods. In this way, these food display cabinets utilise low energy consumption.

Easier to Clean

They come with proper drains so you can easily carry out cleaning activity and still it won’t become a hassle as water would be drained out through designated drains. The bottom or deck area usually is made up of stainless steel which makes it safe from rusting and ensures long-term maintenance.


They are available in different models which have different colors as well. For instance, they come in black, white, or in other colors sizes which can be ordered upon request so that it looks best fit for your area.

Aesthetically Appealing

These food counter’s main purpose is to provide an ambient display to customers, and they tend to serve it best due to their visually appealing capabilities. Some of their attributes that contribute to their aesthetics are clear, proper lighting, and placement of these cabinets. All of these, if utilised correctly, can become a great visual experience for customers which might lead to an increase in the sale of the items stored in them.

Another benefit of these countertop display cabinets is that to make them more appealing a person can place a curled fabric under the shelves or place decorations according to some event or match shop’s aesthetic. These customizable traits can make it more attractive and appealing.

What Size Display Cabinets Should You Use?

Now you might have acknowledged that these cabinets have significant value for your business. So, let’s suppose, a person goes to the market to buy a new display cabinet, the first problem they’ll face will be to choose a specific size cabinet. For that, they should consider the requirements and needs because there are different commercial food displays available in the market. They come in different sizes from small counter units, which can be placed anywhere, to huge ones, which even have multiple levels of trays. Furthermore, while choosing the size for your trays you are also advised to make sure you account for the space for heating solutions.

If you want to put items that are purchased through impulsive buying like chocolates, then a good option would be to buy a small compact one. However, if you’re looking for a display cabinet for buffets then a horizontally placed ambient food display cabinet might be a good choice for you.

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