Commercial Under Bench Bakery Freezers

Commercial Under Bench Bakery Freezers
Increase your bench space, while increasing your cold storage ability with our excellent range of under bench bakery freezers. Transform your business with our wide choice of products that will solve your freezer storage issues with ease. With Australian made options we know your under bench freezer will last the test of time. Worry less about keeping items frozen and fresh and know with confidence that an under bench freezer unit from us will last the test of time. With front door options, LED lighting and sturdy wheels your new bench freezer will exceed your expectations. Look through our extensive range today and get yours quick with Aussie-wide shipping.
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Our excellent range of under bench bakery freezer enables you to increase your bench space while also increasing your cold storage capacity. Improve your business with our diverse range of freezer models that will effectively fix any freezer storage issues that you may have. Worry less about keeping items frozen and fresh, and rest assured that the under bench freezer units that we stock and sell will be a safe investment for you, with equipment, that will stand the test of time. A new under bench freezer chosen from our extensive collection will exceed your expectations, with features such as LED lighting, wheels and front door designs. Browse our extensive selection today and get the best fit of a commercial under bench unit quickly with shipping all over Australia.

What are Under bench Freezers?

Under bench refrigerator installation is one of the most recent trends in kitchen and patio design. These refrigerators are smaller than full-sized models and can fit beneath a standard counter, thus the name.

Under bench freezers are popular in Europe because they mostly have relatively small kitchens, and these models fit in well. Because of its practical design and numerous advantages, this type of refrigerator is now popular all over the world.

High-end under bench refrigerators have elegant designs and all of the features of a full-sized refrigerator. An under bench refrigerator may include a freezer drawer and an ice maker. You can also choose a fridge/freezer combination unit.

Various Benefits of Under bench Freezers

The customers who choose them, love them. While, those who don’t have not yet discovered what they are missing. The most popular underbench freezer are solid door units which are convenient for commercial purposes.

Our reliable under bench and under counter freezer models come from brands such as Williams, Artisan and Atosa.

Save Space

An under bench refrigerator has a lower profile than a standard-sized refrigerator. You also don't have to dedicate extra floor space to your refrigerator, making it the obvious choice if you want to save space and maximise your counter space.

Easy Access

An under bench refrigerator allows for easy access to its contents in some settings. Children and people in wheelchairs can easily open and remove items from the refrigerator. You can also use an under bench refrigerator to remove beverages without having to get out of your chair. Under bench refrigerators are also lower to the ground, allowing more natural light into your kitchen. Because your fridge can be placed beneath a counter, it improves traffic flow in your kitchen.

Moreover, because these models aren't as difficult to open and close and don't require an extended reach for top-shelf items.

Clean Look

Because under bench refrigerators do not have a towering appearance and take less space, they let you set up a streamlined and well-designed appearance for the kitchen.

Modern Designs

When looking for an under bench freezers, you can select from a variety of colours, materials, and designs to complement your kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of under bench refrigerators in Australia are Energy Star certified. These models are extremely energy-efficient, resulting in lower utility bills and a cleaner environment.

Uses and Applications

Under bench refrigerators have a variety of applications. Because of its space-saving benefits, this type of fridge is commonly used in commercial or office buildings. For quick and easy access, you can also install an under bench refrigerator beneath your bar.

Under bench refrigerators are ideal patio additions for keeping beverages and salads fresh and close at hand. This type of refrigerator also allows you to save space and energy costs if you rent a small apartment or room.

Overflow Stock

The majority of our kitchen remodelling clients who install fridge and freezer drawers use them for extra storage. Or, more precisely, they use their standard fridge or freezer for overstock and the drawers as the primary location for food preparation. This keeps all of those recipe ingredient staples on hand and allows for a larger, standard fridge to be placed on the kitchen's outskirts.

Kitchen Perks

It is not necessary to install a refrigerator in the kitchen simply because it is a refrigerator. An under bench freezer can be used in a variety of settings for commercial applications. They are ideal for storing food and other items that you want to have easy access to in whatever area they are kept in. With this under bench freezer, you won't be limited in any way. Allow your creative juices to flow instead so you can figure out how bringing it home will improve your life!

These freezer models are also a good option if you're designing a small kitchen. It provides more space for countertop and cabinet storage as compared to standalone freezers.

Time Management

It's possible that you haven't given much thought to streamlining your kitchen. The benefits of streamlining are realised when you are short on time and need to move quickly. Make the most of an under bench refrigerator by stocking the items you use the most frequently in it. This efficient technique will allow you to prepare your meals much faster than you would otherwise expect. It makes the entire cooking process much easier since your chef can freely move around your kitchen and grab exactly what you need in a blink.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of Underbench freezers for your Commercial Kitchen, Cake, Bread, Frozen Food, Drinks, Ice Cream, and Milk. All our products including Under bench freezers are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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  3. ATOSA MBC24F Stainless SteelDoor Freezer
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  6. Williams Opal LO3USS LO3UFB 3 Solid Door Underbench Freezer
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  7. Williams Emerald LE3USS 3 Door Freezer

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