SIMAG by Bromic

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SIMAG by Bromic gives you premium ice, every time

SIMAG by Bromic Logo SIMAG by Bromic offers high quality ice machines for all your needs. Make great ice every time with quality ice machines from Bromic.

Ice for every situation

Use SIMAG by Bromic ice maker machines to create hard ice, hollow ice, flake ice and more. Great for restaurants, cafes, bars and other areas that need quality ice at any time.
Ice for every situation
Energy and water efficient
SIMAG by Bromic ice machines are energy efficient, and have minimal water and power consumption, saving you money.
Great Warranty
With nearly all SIMAG by Bromic ice machines offering a great 3 year parts warranty, you can be confident that your ice machine will last for a long time to come.
Great Warranty


What should I know about SIMAG by Bromic?

SIMAG by Bromic offers top-of-the-line ice machines that provide high-quality ice anytime and anywhere you need it. Our unparalleled quality allows users to create hard ice, hollow ice, flake ice and other versions, making it ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars and all kinds of commercial or hospitality venues.

With dedicated customer service and fast installation times, SIMAG by Bromic promises top-quality iced beverages every time.

SIMAG by Bromic ice machines offers a wide range of benefits, including energy efficiency and low power and water consumption. This means they cost less to run while still offering superior cooling capabilities.

Not only will you save on running costs, but almost all models come with a full three-year parts warranty that ensures your ice machine keeps going strong long after the initial purchase. With their unbeatable combination of efficiency, performance, and reliability, SIMAG by Bromic ice machines is an excellent investment for any business.

What certifications and standards does the SIMAG by Bromic comply with?

The SIMAG by Bromic is renowned for being a reliable and high-quality product, thanks partly to the certifications and standards it complies with. As mentioned in the Australian Certification Scheme (AZ/NZS 60335.2.24:2016), all SIMAG products conform to international compliance standards such as IEC 60335-1 and 2-24, meaning customers benefit from the excellent quality of craftsmanship and safety assurances.

In addition, customers can also have peace of mind knowing their purchase is backed by several patents, trademarks and registrations in Australia and abroad, providing superior protection for the end user. When you choose SIMAG by Bromic, you can be sure that your purchase meets the highest safety and performance requirements worldwide.

What items are included in the SIMAG by Bromic product line?

Bromic's SIMAG product line is the perfect solution for all your ice-making needs! It includes a variety of self-contained ice machines, head units and bins with high-quality water filters. Depending on your requirements, the head unit can be paired with a bin or a self-contained unit with its built-in storage supply. All units have highly efficient compressors, ensuring fast and efficient ice production. Our product line offers unbeatable convenience and value for money with a range of models designed to meet any size requirement.

Self-contained ice machines:

SIMAG by Bromic has the perfect solution for your iced-beverage needs! With their state-of-the-art self-contained ice machines, rest assured that you'll have enough ice on hand to serve ersatz beverages every day. Their easy-to-maintain design makes cleaning and servicing a breeze so you can keep up with demand without interruption. Perfect for bars, restaurants, catering events and more - invest in a SIMAG by Bromic self-contained ice machine for iced refreshments you'll always be proud to serve.

What other products or services are offered by SIMAG by Bromic?

Bromic's SIMAG division offers not only various types of ice machines but also services related to their maintenance and repair of them.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, their experienced staff, familiar with all kinds of appliances, provides reliable solutions that keep equipment running at peak performance.

In addition to basic repairs, the technicians can often diagnose more complex issues and suggest proper solutions for problems that may arise with each situation. Their commitment to offering these service options helps eliminate downtime and maintain a functioning system with minimal risk or cost.

FAQs about the SIMAG by Bromic

The experienced team at Bromic has compiled some frequently asked questions to assist customers in learning how to use the appliances and make the most of the available features.

Learn what appliances are best for your food business or commercial kitchen and how SIMAG can help streamline your workflow. With this helpful guide, you'll be able to set up the appliances quickly and leverage their capabilities for maximum efficiency.

What SIMAG by Bromic products do we offer?

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality and reliable SIMAG by Bromic products. Our selection of SIMAG products includes ice machines of different types ranging from self-contained to head units and water and bin filters. Each product is tested for safety and reliability to give you peace of mind that your ice machine or cube can be trusted to run efficiently and effectively. With industry-leading temperature control capabilities in each appliance and innovative features like adjustable shelves, close door magnets, seals and digital temperature displays, you'll never look back when installing a Bromic Ice machine.