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ActiveCore 2 technology

ActiveCore 2 features cutting-edge energy efficiency enabled by the use of Hydrocarbon, a natural refrigerant that gives it virtually zero Global Warming Potential.  ActiveCore 2 also features a real first - SKOPE-connect, a control and management app that helps hospitality businesses save money, reduce food waste and monitor food safety from mobile devices.

The ActiveCore 2 unit in each chiller can be quickly and easily removed for maintenance or swapped out for another unit, minimising downtime and disruptions.


activecore technology
Proven reliability
SKOPE products have years of real world use and proven reliability. SKOPE products are used in a wide range of sectors, including commercial kitchens, airports, cafes, and more.
Aesthetic design.
Quality performance.
SKOPE has an international reputation for innovative design and manufacturing excellence. With SKOPE, you can be sure you're getting only the latest in design and efficiency.
aesthetic design

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key component in all SKOPE products. The small but powerful, high performing fan motors used in the refrigeration cabinets result in outstanding chilling and maximum energy efficiency. SKOPE products are over 50% more energy efficient on average than similar competitor products.

ActiveCore 2 range

The ActiveCore 2 range is a new glass door chiller range of 1 and 2 door top and bottom mount models combining SKOPE's revolutionary new ActiveCore 2 technology with a modern frameless aesthetic design. These models provide market leading energy savings along with new features to deliver optimal performance, efficiency and reliability. SKOPE's new ActiveCore is a revolution in refrigeration technology.

The new ActiveCore 2 are cooler, quieter and ultra-reliable. 

They now use R290 a natural refrigerant and come with Skope connect a first for using your smart phone to help control the needs of your ActiveCore Skope fridge/chiller





A complete range of refrigeration products.

SKOPE offers a complete range of refrigeration products - including upright and underbench fridges, underbar freezers, and more.

SKOPE Refrigeration for All

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia is proud to be a leading store offering SKOPE refrigeration, freezers, combos and ice machines. We understand the need for commercial-grade refrigeration, cooling, chilling and freezing of specific products by various businesses. This generally involves food & beverage businesses, bakeries, retail stores, café, supermarkets, mini marts, hotels. Bottle shops, restaurants and butcheries. We take pride in introducing the SKOPE range of refrigeration products. Top three reasons to use our SKOPE refrigeration:

Top Three Reasons to Use SKOPE Refrigeration:

SKOPE refrigeration stands out for its integration of advanced, energy-efficient technology and robust construction, ensuring both optimal performance and durability. Their customizable refrigeration solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, providing a perfect blend of functionality and style.

SKOPE Refrigeration – Get the Innovative Technology for Your Business Needs

SKOPE refrigeration units are designed with cutting-edge technology (SKOPE Connect and SKOPE Connect App for Android and SKOPE Connect App for IOS) that ensures consistent temperature control, which is vital for food safety and quality. Their advanced systems also offer energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Durability and Reliability of SKOPE Refrigeration

Built to last, SKOPE Refrigeration products are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring they withstand the demands of a busy commercial environment. Their products are tested rigorously, guaranteeing reliability and reducing the likelihood of downtime due to equipment failure.

Customisation of SKOPE Refrigerators for Commercial Use

Understanding that businesses have unique needs, SKOPE offers a range of customisable refrigeration options. From size to shelving configurations and even aesthetic finishes, SKOPE can tailor their refrigeration solutions to suit any business's specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and integration into different spaces.

The Essential Role of SKOPE Fridges in Food Preservation

SKOPE Fridges are crucial for businesses in preserving the freshness and safety of food products, offering advanced cooling technology and consistent temperatures to prevent spoilage and foodborne illnesses. Their commercial-grade refrigeration solutions are tailored for convenience and efficiency in high-demand environments. By ensuring compliance with food safety standards, SKOPE Fridges and Freezers not only safeguard consumer health but also enhance the operational reliability of food-related businesses. All SKOPE Fridges and Freezers are GEMS rating to meet all Australian regulations.

SKOPE Fridges: A Business's Partner in Product Storage

SKOPE Fridges plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of food-related businesses. These refrigeration units are not just appliances but essential partners in ensuring the freshness and longevity of perishable products.

SKOPE's advanced cooling technology provides consistent temperatures, a critical factor in preserving the quality and flavour of food items. By maintaining strict climate control, SKOPE Fridges for sale help businesses avoid spoilage and waste, ensuring that products are stored in optimal conditions until they reach the consumer.

Commercial-Grade SKOPE Fridges: Convenience Meets Efficiency

Commercial-grade SKOPE Fridges are designed with the needs of businesses in mind. They are robust, energy-efficient, and built to handle the high demands of a commercial environment. The convenience of these fridges lies in their versatility—available in various sizes and configurations to fit any space and storage requirement.

With features like adjustable shelving, easy-to-clean surfaces, and user-friendly controls, SKOPE Fridges are a convenient solution for any commercial setting, from small cafes to large restaurants and food processing facilities.

Maintaining Safety and Security with SKOPE Fridges

SKOPE Fridges Provide Protection Against Foodborne Illnesses

SKOPE Fridges are engineered to provide a safe environment for food storage. By maintaining a consistent and cold temperature, these fridges inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses.

The precise temperature control ensures that each food item is kept at its required setting, reducing the risk of contamination and spoilage. This level of reliability is crucial for businesses that must adhere to strict health and safety regulations.

Reducing Liability in Food Businesses

The use of SKOPE Fridges is a proactive step in reducing the liability of food businesses. By ensuring that food items are stored safely and securely, these fridges help businesses comply with food safety standards, thereby minimising the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks.

This compliance not only protects customers but also shields businesses from potential legal issues and financial losses associated with food spoilage and safety breaches. SKOPE's commitment to quality and safety in refrigeration translates to peace of mind for food business operators.

Invest in Commercial Grade SKOPE Fridges

In conclusion, SKOPE Fridges are an indispensable asset for any food business, providing the necessary tools to store products safely and efficiently. Their role extends beyond simple refrigeration; they are a critical component in maintaining food safety, reducing waste, and ensuring the success of businesses that rely on fresh, high-quality products.

Diverse Range of SKOPE Fridges at Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia proudly offers an extensive selection of SKOPE fridges, ensuring that businesses across Australia have access to the highest quality refrigeration solutions. SKOPE's range includes:

  1. SKOPE Countertop Fridges
  2. SKOPE Upright Fridges
  3. SKOPE Back Bar Fridges
  4. SKOPE Display Fridges
  5. SKOPE Underbench Fridges
  6. SKOPE Glass Door Fridges
  7. SKOPE Display Fridges

SKOPE Countertop Fridges

Ideal for displaying beverages and grab-and-go items, these fridges offer convenience and accessibility while maximising retail space.

SKOPE Upright Fridges

A staple for many businesses, SKOPE's upright fridges provide ample storage with a small footprint, perfect for kitchens with limited space.

SKOPE Back Bar Fridges

Designed for the bustling hospitality industry, these fridges keep drinks at the perfect temperature for serving, enhancing customer satisfaction.

SKOPE Display Fridges

With a variety of styles and sizes, SKOPE's display fridges are perfect for showcasing products while maintaining consistent cooling.

SKOPE Underbench Fridges

These space-saving solutions offer additional refrigeration space without compromising on floor area, fitting seamlessly under counters.

SKOPE Display Fridges

Glass door display fridge’s help to attract customers to your product to increase sales.

SKOPE Glass Door Fridges

Combining functionality with aesthetics, glass door fridges allow for easy product visibility and attractive presentation.

Why Choose Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia to Buy SKOPE Fridges?

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia stands as the best retailer for SKOPE fridges, providing unparalleled customer service and expert advice. We understand the importance of reliable refrigeration for your business, which is why we offer:

Expert Guidance for You

Our knowledgeable team will help you select the best SKOPE fridge that aligns with your specific business requirements.

Availability of Wide Selection SKOPE Fridges

We boast a diverse range of SKOPE refrigeration products, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business's unique needs.

After-Sales Support for SKOPE Fridges

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale, with exceptional after-sales support and maintenance services.

For businesses looking to enhance their operations with top-of-the-line refrigeration, look no further than Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia. We are dedicated to providing the best SKOPE solutions that promise efficiency, style, and superior performance.

Dependable Cold Storage with SKOPE Freezers for Commercial Operations

In the realm of commercial food storage, SKOPE Freezers stand as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. These freezers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the food service industry, providing consistent, low-temperature environments crucial for preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods.

From restaurants to cafes and supermarkets to food processing centres, SKOPE Freezers offer the necessary robustness to handle bulk storage needs while ensuring that products remain at peak freshness for consumption.

Operating SKOPE Freezers: A Blend of Simplicity and Sophistication

SKOPE Freezers are engineered for ease of use without compromising on advanced features. Operating these units is straightforward: set the desired temperature, organize your products with the adjustable shelving, and let the freezer's technology do the rest.

Regular maintenance checks and defrosting (for models without auto-defrost) are all that's needed to keep these freezers running smoothly. With user-friendly controls and clear displays, managing your cold storage becomes a task of simplicity.

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia: Your Go-To for SKOPE Freezers

When it comes to sourcing a freezer that won't let you down, Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia is the leading retail store that businesses turn to. We offer an extensive array of SKOPE Freezers, each designed to cater to different commercial needs.

Whether you're looking for an under-counter unit to save space or a large walk-in freezer for mass storage, our selection is unmatched.

  1. Variety of Choices
  2. Expert Advice on SKOPE Freezers
  3. Customer Satisfaction

Wide Selection of SKOPE Freezers

Our inventory includes the latest and most advanced SKOPE Freezers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business.

Expert Advice on SKOPE Freezers

Our team of experts is on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you invest in a freezer that aligns with your commercial requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

At Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, we prioritize customer satisfaction, offering top-notch customer service and after-sales support.

Store Food Items with SKOPE Freezer Series

SKOPE Freezer Series stands as a paragon of preservation, expertly designed to extend the shelf life of food items without compromising on food safety. In the commercial realm, where the longevity of produce is paramount, SKOPE freezers deliver with their state-of-the-art temperature regulation systems that ensure a consistent and optimal cold environment.

This precision in temperature control is crucial in halting the proliferation of bacteria and other pathogens that can lead to food spoilage and safety concerns. The freezers are equipped with advanced insulation and cooling systems that maintain a uniform temperature, even in high-usage scenarios, such as frequent door openings in busy kitchens.

By creating a stable freezing environment, SKOPE freezers effectively slow down food degradation processes, preserving the texture, flavour, and nutritional value of the food items for extended periods.

Innovative SKOPE Freezers

SKOPE's innovation extends to features like programmable defrost cycles, which play a significant role in food safety. These cycles prevent the build-up of ice crystals on both the product and the interior of the freezer, which can be a source of cross-contamination. The freezers also come with robust seals and self-closing doors to ensure the cold air remains locked in, further enhancing their efficiency.

SKOPE Freezers are Ideal for Small, Medium and Large Scale Businesses

For businesses that require the storage of large quantities of food, the SKOPE freezer series offers models with substantial storage capacities while maintaining a compact footprint. This balance of space efficiency and storage capability means that businesses can stock up on produce without the fear of rapid spoilage, thus reducing waste and saving on costs.

The reliability of SKOPE freezers provides peace of mind to food businesses, knowing that their products are stored in a freezer that champions food safety and longevity.

Buy SKOP Freezers from Commercial Fridge & Freezers Australia

For businesses in search of a freezer solution that promises durability, performance, and quality, SKOPE Freezers, supplied by Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia is a clear choice. Trust us to equip your business with the cold storage solutions it needs to thrive.

SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos – A 2 in 1 Solution

SKOPE fridge freezer combos are ingeniously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of commercial food businesses, offering a dual advantage in a single unit. These combos are particularly beneficial for commercial sites with limited space, the versatility of having both refrigeration and freezing in one footprint is invaluable. Here’s how the SKOPE series of fridge freezer combos stand out as a smart choice for commercial usage:

Maximised Space and Efficiency with SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos

Commercial kitchens often face the challenge of limited space, and SKOPE fridge freezer combos address this by combining two essential appliances into one. This integration allows for better utilisation of floor area, enabling businesses to expand their storage capacity without the need for separate units.

The design of these combos is such that they maintain distinct temperature zones, ensuring that refrigerated products are kept cool while frozen items are stored at sub-zero temperatures, all within the same physical space. This efficient use of space is particularly beneficial for smaller establishments that need to maximise their available area.

Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos

With a SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combo, commercial businesses can expect a reduction in energy consumption. Running one combined unit is typically more energy-efficient than operating two separate refrigerators and freezers, leading to lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, the cost savings extend to maintenance and servicing. A single appliance means there's only one set of service components, one unit to maintain, and one point of contact for technical support, simplifying the upkeep process.

SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos Brings Versatility in Commercial Settings

The versatility of SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos is unmatched. They are designed to serve a variety of commercial settings, from restaurants and cafes to hotels and catering services. The flexibility to store a wide range of products at different required temperatures caters to the diverse menu offerings that a commercial kitchen handles.

Furthermore, SKOPE’s commitment to quality ensures that these combos are built with durable materials capable of withstanding the rigours of a commercial environment, from the constant opening and closing of doors to the accidental bumps and knocks of kitchen activity.

Get Benefit from Innovative SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos Technology

SKOPE Fridge Freezer Combos are a testament to innovation and practicality in commercial refrigeration. They provide a streamlined solution for food storage, energy efficiency, and operational effectiveness, making them an indispensable asset for any food service business looking to optimise their operations and ensure the quality of their offerings.

SKOPE ITV Ice Machines – A Gift for the Hospitality Industry in Australia

SKOPE ITV Ice Machines are essential equipment in the food service and hospitality industries, where a constant supply of ice is crucial for day-to-day operations. These machines are designed to meet various commercial needs, from serving chilled beverages to preserving perishable food items. Here's a closer look at the benefits and features of SKOPE ice machines:

SKOPE ITV Ice Machines are Efficient and Reliable

SKOPE ITV Ice Machines are renowned for their efficiency. They produce ice quickly and in substantial quantities, ensuring that businesses never run short during peak service times. The machines are engineered to operate reliably, providing consistent performance even in the most demanding commercial environments. This reliability means less downtime and more productivity for businesses that cannot afford interruptions in their service.

Variety of Ice Types with SKOPE ITV Ice Machine

Understanding that different types of ice serve different purposes, SKOPE ITV Ice Machine can produce a range of ice forms, including cubes, flake ice, and nugget ice. Cube ice is ideal for standard beverage service, flake ice is perfect for food display and preservation, and nugget ice is a favourite for blended drinks due to its easy-to-chew texture and rapid cooling properties.

SKOPE Ice Machines – Get Hygienic Ice Production

Food safety is paramount in commercial settings, and SKOPE ice machines are built with hygiene in mind. They feature components that are easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of contamination. Some models come with built-in antimicrobial protection and water filtration systems to ensure that the ice produced is not only clear and free of impurities but also safe for consumption.

SKOPE ITV Ice Making Machines for Customisable Solutions

Our range of ice machines by SKOPE is designed to meet the demands of businesses. Our list of SKOPE ITV ice making machines offers a range of models with different production capacities and storage options. Whether a small café needs a compact under-counter unit or a large hotel requires a high-volume modular system, SKOPE has an ice machine to suit every commercial requirement.

SKOPE ice making machines are a smart investment for any business where ice is an integral part of service delivery. They combine efficiency, variety, hygiene, and customization to provide a superior ice production solution that meets the specific needs of the foodservice and hospitality sectors.

SKOPE Fridges and Freezers Warranty Protection

Why you buy SKOPE products from Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, you get SOPE protection warranty for all products.

Here is the warranty period for SKOPE Fridges, Freezers and Ice Machine:

SKOPE Series


SKOPE Warranty


SKT, SKB, TME & BME Fridges

5 Years


TMF & SKFT Freezers

3 Years - on registration



5 Years



3 Years - on registration


BackBar N, CounterLine N, SlimLine N & Glass Chiller

3 Years - on registration



3 Years - on registration


Upright, Underbench & Preparation

3 Years - on registration



2 Years

SKOPE ITV Ice Machines


2 Years

Irinox Blast Chillers


2 Years


Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia – A One-Stop Shop for All Your Needs

At Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all your commercial refrigeration needs. Our extensive selection of SKOPE products encompasses everything from sleek refrigeration units to robust fridges, freezers, versatile fridge freezer combos, and high-efficiency ice machines, ensuring that we cater to the full spectrum of our client's requirements.

We understand the critical role that reliable refrigeration plays in the success of your business, which is why we offer only the best — SKOPE, a brand synonymous with quality and durability. Our commitment extends beyond just sales; we provide Australia-wide delivery, ensuring that no matter where your business is located, you have access to top-tier SKOPE products.

Trust us to equip your business with the refrigeration solutions it deserves, backed by the assurance of quality and comprehensive customer support that sets Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia apart.