Commercial Refrigerated Drink Dispensers

Commercial Refrigerated Drink Dispensers
Look no further if you are after high-quality drink dispensers. Our units are made from premium materials and keep drinks chilled and pouring fresh so your customers will love you for them. Commercial drink dispensers can quickly become an indispensable part of your cafe or store and you deserve the best available. Shop from our excellent selection and discover amazing options such as single or multi drink dispensers and underbench storage. Keep the fresh drinks coming with your very own commercial drink dispenser fridges. Our online range is unbeatable and with fast delivery Australia-wide you’ll be serving cold drinks to thirsty customers in no time.

Why should I buy a commercial dispenser fridge?

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Are you looking for a professional drinks dispenser for your restaurant at a reasonable price and with a good value for money for your private home, schools, bars or your workplace? On our website, you can find a wide range of products to meet all your needs and offer you the best features.

We stock and sell commercial dispenser fridge models from the top brands in Australia, including PaddleCof, Atosa, and more. Your customers will appreciate you for them because our units keep beverages cool and pouring fresh and are built of high-quality materials. You deserve the most excellent commercial drink dispensers available because they can quickly become a necessary component of any café or store.

Discover fantastic alternatives like single or multi-drink dispensers and under-counter storage when you shop from our wide range.

Keep those cold and fresh drinks coming with your commercial drink dispenser fridges. With our unique online selection and quick deliveries across Australia, you'll instantly provide chilled beverages to your customers.

What are the benefits of a commercial dispenser fridge?

There are various products for your gastro area to provide cold drinks. You will find a large selection here with us for a bar, canteen, or service area. A refreshing drink any time of year, and your guests will thank you.

Having a hot or cold drink dispenser handy is a life simplification. All you have to do is press once for your drink to dispense from the machine and refill your glass, and you can indulge and refresh yourself thanks to this simple process. The use of our dispensers fits perfectly everywhere and under all circumstances. Our vending machines are increasingly used in environments where employees enjoy a well-deserved break.

What are the main components of a Beer fridge dispenser?

A beer dispenser consists of various components:
  • Tap and fittings
  • Connection for the barrel
  • pump and gas tank

The beer is transported through the system with the help of carbon dioxide, and a pressure reducer regulates the pressure. It would be best to be careful when connecting the carbon dioxide because the bottle is under pressure and may only be connected to the tap head via the pressure reducer. It is best to let professional technicians show you how to connect a dispenser, as it may happen during the installation that the CO2 bottle has to be replaced.

As a rule, a dispensing system is designed in such a way that you can manually determine the amount to be filled. However, some systems deliver a preset amount. Carbon dioxide is added during the tapping so that the beer always comes out of the tap with a perfect head of foam and tastes remarkably fresh. Even a layman can tap the tap without any problems. With a bit of practice, you can fill and serve the glasses in quick succession.

What are the other features of a beer dispenser fridge?

Beer taps and cooling: equipment of beer dispensers

So that your guests are adequately supplied for the duration of the party, you should consider which dispensing system is suitable for you in advance. At large events such as weddings or company events, you will hardly get by with a drink dispenser that only has a single tap. Here it makes sense to rent a dispensing system equipped with several lines.

The systems are usually equipped with continuous cooling to ensure that your drinks are always served at the optimum temperature. The beer is cooled as soon as it is tapped and does not have to be brought to the right temperature in time for the celebration. In addition, you do not have the problem of having to store large quantities of crates of drinks for cooling. A digital temperature display is installed on some systems, so you can always check the optimal drinking temperature. In addition, some drink dispenser fridge models indicate the fill level so that you know when the keg needs to be replaced.

What are the features of a juice dispenser fridge?

The dispenser fridge, also called a drink dispenser fridge, is a handy machine for restaurants, bars, and self-service. Such a dispenser makes it possible to store and cool various non-carbonated drinks (water, granita, fruit juice, etc.) in ideal hygienic conditions. Large storage capacity, stainless steel design, ease of use, variety of selections. Such fridges offer many advantages.
  • Simple to use: Press the glass or carafe against the lever for the drink to flow.
  • The paddle stirrer maintains a uniform temperature and prevents the formation of foam and oxidation of the drink.
  • Reliable and efficient refrigeration system: Large condenser allows rapid cooling of the drink.
  • High pressure hermetic compressor guarantees the device's quality, performance and life.
  • Particularly suitable for hot countries.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of drink dispensers for your beer, drinks and juice. All our products are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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  1. F.E.D KF12L-1 Single Bowl Juice Dispenser
    RRP RRP: $1,098.90 inc GST RRP: $999.00 +GST $934.89 $849.90 +GST inc GST
  2. F.E.D KF12L-2 Double Bowl Juice Dispenser
    RRP RRP: $1,428.90 inc GST RRP: $1,299.00 +GST $1,207.80 $1,098.00 +GST inc GST
  3. F.E.D KF12L-3 Triple Bowl Juice Dispenser
    RRP RRP: $1,758.90 inc GST RRP: $1,599.00 +GST $1,494.90 $1,359.00 +GST inc GST
  4. F.E.D FABIGANI-1S Single Bowl 12L Granita & Slushy Machine
    RRP RRP: $3,388.00 inc GST RRP: $3,080.00 +GST $2,871.00 $2,610.00 +GST inc GST
  5. F.E.D ICE8L-2 Double 8L Bowl Slushy / Frappe Machine
    RRP RRP: $4,574.90 inc GST RRP: $4,159.00 +GST $3,839.00 $3,490.00 +GST inc GST
  6. F.E.D FABIGANI-2S Double Bowl 12L Granita & Slushy Machine
    RRP RRP: $4,838.90 inc GST RRP: $4,399.00 +GST $4,059.00 $3,690.00 +GST inc GST
  7. F.E.D FABIGANI-3S Triple Bowl 12L Granita & Slushy Machine
    RRP RRP: $6,413.00 inc GST RRP: $5,830.00 +GST $5,450.50 $4,955.00 +GST inc GST
  8. PaddleCof 112 Commercial Refrigerated Drink & Juice Dispensers (1 bowl)
    $1,369.50 $1,245.00 +GST inc GST
  9. PaddleCof 224 Commercial Refrigerated Drink & Juice Dispensers (2 bowls)
    $1,886.50 $1,715.00 +GST inc GST
  10. PaddleCof 336 Commercial Refrigerated Drink & Juice Dispensers (3 bowls)
    $2,480.50 $2,255.00 +GST inc GST

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