Commercial Cold Food Display Cabinets

Commercial Cold Food Display Cabinets

We all know the feeling of staring at the tantalising desserts in cold food display cabinets. Chances are we also purchased one! Well, with our selection of cabinets you can have customers eyeing and buying your cold produce with ease. With superior lighting, thermal control and materials our cold food display cabinets are an excellent addition to your store. With affordable and high-quality options to choose from, our commercial cold food display units are the clear choice. Whether for a cafe or store your products will be well chilled and displayed with our cold food cabinets.

Importance of Good Food Display

Nowadays, online purchases, particularly food purchases, are becoming increasingly prevalent and likewise, the retail industry is evolving constantly. While it's difficult to deny that buying over the internet is quick and easy, many consumers still prefer the shopping experience of visiting a store or shop to purchase food items.

Particularly in the case of bakeries, delis or ice cream parlours, what the customers see, and smell will influence their purchases. Many industry research figures show us that the ambiance of an establishment has high impact on the way the consumers discern the food quality.

To create a memorable experience for customers within your retail outlets, it is more important than ever to present your finest image.

So it is a wise decision to invest in high-quality commercial food display cases for storing and presenting cold food items. Cutting corners here can harm your business image and may make your customers think the products are low quality or aren't worth the money.

While the products are ready to be sold in the display case, they require the greatest possible atmosphere and just the right temperature settings to maintain their freshness. They will be subject to drying out and perhaps be exposed to unwanted temperature variations if they are not stored in a high quality food display cabinet.

We stock cold food display cabinets from the top brands in the industry which feature quality designs and food preservation technologies. This gives business owners and machine operators a dependable solution for a high-quality, aesthetically appealing presentation. Remember, good food displays always result in a boost in impulsive sales from customers.

Our refrigerated display cases for pastry, cake and chocolates are now available for delivery all over Australia.

For upright glass door freezers and refrigerators, we are your one-stop store. Our brands including Bromic and Skope are the most comprehensive series of glass display cases with over a dozen varieties. Our Skope series cold food cabinets are available in single or multi-door configurations, with a range of door widths from narrow to broad.

Cakes and ice cream look great in our frozen displays. Our cold food display cabinets may hold a wide range of products, including pastries, cakes, chocolate, beverages, wines and prepared dishes. Customize your display case by choosing from a variety of colour schemes and case panel finishes.

Of course, the display should complement the overall design and feel of a business. In terms of design, material, and colour, the possibilities are unlimited with the wide range of cold display cabinets that we stock. In other situations, bakeries may opt for a "bare" display that provides the options to fully customise them. Our stock includes such customisable models as well.

Attracting and Retaining Customers with Good Food Display

Cold cabinets that can be customized feature are designed so that you get to see the food at eye level and full attention is not diverted by the custom design that can be placed on the body of the model. These cold cabinets also feature frameless insulated glass with multiple shelves, doors and clean lines. We offer various cold food display types that can be integrated into counters or walls to compliment the interior design of bakeries and restaurants. You can also utilize them as standalone displays to complement any décor, with plenty of customising options.

But what about those fans of online shopping, which we mentioned earlier? The importance of owning a visually appealing food display still remains. Some shoppers may visit your stores only to check out the trendy and special occasion food items before turning around and buying it online.

The right choice of food display cabinets can invoke interaction of online shopping app addicts with a physical store to examine products before they buy them online. A large number of food shoppers have used a physical store to explore options before purchasing a particular product online.

Different Types Of Commercial Cold Food Displays

The well known and high quality brands which we offer fall into the following categories:

Reach-In Freezers And Refrigerators

These are storage refrigerators that are ideal for establishment staff. We stock and sell Glass door refrigerators with reach in units, as well as solid door reach in units featuring half or full-length doors. These are available in various storage capacities and with different number of shelves and sections.

Serve Over Counter

If you want to create a butcher shop, a café, or a grocery store, then commercial cold food display units are the ideal cabinets. They use curved or level glass to make the displayed food items more attractive. The only difference between serve over counters and counter top display refrigerators is that the former do not have a glass that completely covers the food products. Customers can pick up the item of their choice without involving the servers.

Pastry Or Bakery Display

These displays are available in two finishes: classic wooden finish body or a stainless steel curved body with glass. It usually has glass in the front so that customers can see all of the bakery products or cakes displayed inside.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of ambient food display showcase for your bakery or deli food products. All our products including upright see through door fridges with glass doors are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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