Columbia is a trusted name in the world of refrigeration. Established in 2000, they have long been considered a leader in innovation, quality, and energy conservation. This family-owned company manufactures a range of appliances under the Columbia brand, including chest freezers, double-door fridges and upright freezers. All products are subject to rigorous testing for temperature stability, noise levels, power consumption, and sustainability. In addition, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all fridges manufactured by Columbia come with a 15-year warranty for parts and labour. If Columbia's decades of exemplary service tell us anything, it's that their products will more than satisfy any needs you may have when it comes to your home refrigerator.

What items are included in the Columbia product line?

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The Columbia brand of fridges is renowned for its extensive product line and commitment to quality. Customers have a wealth of options from counter-depth, bottom-freezer, built-in and side-by-side models to more exclusive models like double door and frost-free top mount fridges. So, whether you are looking for an energy-efficient unit or an aesthetically pleasing design to enhance your kitchen's decor, the Columbia brand has something to meet your needs. All of their fridges come with features such as superior humidity control, adjustable shelves, temperature zones, and adjustable door bins, making them ideal for those looking for both convenience and quality assurance.

Columbia Flex LS - Island Table

The Columbia Flex LS Island Table is the perfect refrigerator for anyone who needs prepacked food to be readily available. As a part of the Columbia brand of fridges, these single-tier plug-in island freezers provide users with reliable storage even under harsh conditions. It can hold up to 80 lbs. (36kgs), and its convenient design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen or commercial setting. So, whether you need to serve customers quickly in a retail environment or prepare your meals conveniently in a home kitchen; the Columbia Flex LS Island Table will make it happen.

Columbia Twice-B1-125

Columbia Twice-B1-125 is an innovative upgraded version of the traditional style of multi-level display refrigerators. With double-sided visibility and a modern design, this refrigerator from Columbia offers excellent storage options for displaying cheese, drinks, and other grab-and-go meals. In addition, it provides fast loading times and quick access with optimal energy efficiency and temperature control, creating a luxurious shopping atmosphere. Thanks to its superior insulation and steady cooling performance, this Columbia refrigerator is perfect for any business that deals with food retailing.

Columbia Twice B+2 125

The Columbia Twice B+2 125 is a reliable and efficient display case with top-of-the-line features. Its energy-efficient fan motors, 3000°k LED lighting, stainless steel bumper, black exterior panels, and top canopy keeps the interior of this cabinet in perfect condition for displaying prepacked food or grabbing sales. Additionally, its plug-in R134a refrigerant further increases efficiency, making it an ideal choice for any business. As a bonus, customers can even opt to have a squared stainless-steel bumper rail 20x20mm installed on demand. The 9006 RAL colour finish on the display deck and side panels also provide an extra layer of protection against external elements. Overall, the Columbia Twice B+2 125 offers optimal performance and dependability at an affordable cost.

Columbia Twice B+2 250

The Columbia Twice B+2 250 is an impressive display refrigerator focusing on energy and efficiency. Energy-efficient fan motors and automated 3000°k LED lighting on the canopy, shelves, and external panels power it. Its prominent stainless-steel perimeter bumper, black RAL 9010 front panels, and top canopy in RAL 9005 make it a deep yet sleek piece for any setting. Its plug-in R134a refrigerant makes it suitable for prepacked food display and grabbing -- perfect for convenience stores or coffee shops. Additionally, a squared stainless-steel bumper rail 20x20mm with optional display decks/side panels in RAL 9006 exudes a professional quality from Columbia that has made them famous worldwide.

Columbia Twice B+1 187

Columbia has designed their Twice B+1 187 fridges to deliver versatility with a plug-in R134a refrigerant and energy-efficient fan motors. With the use of 3000°k LED lighting on the canopy and shelves, this fridge is suitable for prepacked food display. The exterior design features a perimeter stainless steel bumper that complements the attractive Black front panels (RAL 9010) and Top canopy (RAL 9005). For added longevity, a squared stainless-steel bumper rail 20x20mm is also available on demand, while Display deck/side panels are coated in RAL 9006 Stainless Steel.

What Columbia products do we offer?

At Columbia, we offer customers a variety of Columbia-brand fridges to meet their needs. Our selection includes the Columbia Twice B+2 125, designed with a glossy finish to make cleaning easy; the Columbia Twice B+1 125, perfect for those who want to save on energy costs; and the powerful Columbia Twice B+2 250 and many more products. Each fridge provides maximum convenience and outstanding performance, making Columbia refrigeration trustworthy. Shop our selection of Columbia products today!

Contact us and our expert sales team will help you choose the correct Columbia product for your needs. All Columbia products are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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