Commercial Supermarket Island Display Fridges

Commercial Supermarket Island Display Fridges
Supermarket island fridges are a great choice for displaying large amounts of items that are easily accessible for customers. Whether you require lots of refrigeration or compact amounts, we have customisable units ideal for all. Our high-performing island fridges can help propel your business and provide extreme customer satisfaction. You get options such as LED lighting and temperature control, allowing you to keep products perfectly chilled and stored fresher for longer. View our online range today or chat with our friendly team to determine the best refrigeration solution for you.

What are the benefits of commercial supermarket island fridges?

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Commercial supermarket island fridges at supermarkets are a terrific option for showcasing many products that are easily accessible to shoppers. We have adaptable units that are perfect for anyone, regardless of whether you need a lot of refrigeration or only a little. Flexible living has led to the increasing number of one-person households that spend little time cooking, which means there is now greater demand for ready-to-eat products across all target groups and age brackets.

Our efficient island refrigerators can boost your company's sales and guarantee utter client happiness. You can keep products precisely refrigerated and preserved fresher for longer, thanks to choices like digital temperature controls and LED illumination. To find the ideal refrigeration solution for your business, browse our website today to view the best models from the top brands available in Australia.

How do island fridges help me market my products?

Island fridges feature refrigerated shelves with and without units or with doors. These are available in a ready-to-plug-in version and for coupling with compound systems. Other features include painted sheet steel body construction, front window heating, self-supporting frames, and digital temperature displays.

For an optimal presentation of your products, we offer supermarket island fridges and freezers with all-around panoramic windows so that the product to be cooled can be viewed directly. Supermarkets, canteens, and even petrol stations with high customer frequency are ideal areas of application here.

We deliver our commercial supermarket island fridges as standard in an open design for quick access to the product to be cooled. All our compact island fridge models are ready to plug in and can be put into operation immediately after delivery. Our portfolio also includes chest style supermarket island fridges that promote impulse buying and present your packaged frozen products such as vegetables, pizza, and more in a customer-friendly way.

What type of supermarket island fridges are available?

Plug-in island fridges

Plug-in island fridges are placed in the middle of the room. These fridge types are used to place promotions or special offers at the desired location. Plug-in island fridges are mostly self-cooling and are equipped with castors so that the point of sale can be placed where the product can best be presented to the customer in a supermarket or minimart.

The dimensions are designed to be set up perfectly in aisles with free access. Thanks to the transparent design, food can be impressively presented. Cooling islands act as clever sales partners, especially when presenting promotional offers. Modern island fridges are constructed by considering ecological factors and significantly reducing energy consumption. The cooling units are available in different lengths and depths.

The height of our island fridges usually varies from 900 mm to 1400 mm. The width varies depending on the desired content of the cooling island. There are square and rectangular versions. With some models, it is possible to tilt the floor to present the products to the customer in the best possible way. Dual temperature display island fridges are also available. With these models, it is possible to vary in terms of product content. Depending on the season, refrigerated products such as fruit, berries, meat, or frozen products such as ice cream, frozen cakes, etc., can be brought in.

Assembled island fridges

Some models of commercial supermarket island fridges are designed to be assembled. The individual island fridge units are assembled back to back. At the end of these island fridges, special headers are available for longitudinal placement. This version is often seen in larger shops or supermarkets. Assembled island fridges are usually not flexible in terms of installation location but are fixed in place. This is because it makes sense to operate assembled supermarket island fridges with central cooling in order to prevent noise emissions and waste heat inside the shop.

Should you invest in energy-efficient island fridges?

Today it is more important than ever to use refrigeration systems with high energy efficiency in supermarkets to reduce energy costs and protect the environment at the same time. New technologies for climate-friendly refrigeration systems are far more efficient than outdated refrigeration techniques. Thanks to series production, halogen-free and natural refrigerant cooling devices are no more expensive than conventional refrigeration systems that still work with partially fluorinated hydrocarbons.

When escaping, such hydrocarbons release synthetic substances that harm the environment. Sustainable refrigeration systems from the counter display fridge to the upright vertical fridge provide an excellent climate balance and first-class quality. In addition to a high energy-saving potential, the cooling units offer maximum operational reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Before purchasing refrigeration products, interested parties should seek detailed advice from the vendor.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of supermarket island for your self serve, frozen food, display and meat. All our products are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at [email protected] at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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  1. IARP SVABA 150 Dual Temperature Island Sliding Glass Door Chest Freezer
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  2. IARP SVABA 200 Dual Temperature Island Sliding Glass Door Chest Freezer
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  3. Thermaster SUPERMARKET ZCD-E185S (650Lt) Island Dual Temperature Freezer & Chiller
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  4. Thermaster SUPERMARKET ZCD-L210s (850Lt) Island Dual Temperature Freezer & Chiller
    RRP RRP: $3,958.90 inc GST RRP: $3,599.00 +GST $3,365.07 $3,059.15 +GST inc GST
  5. Thermaster SUPERMARKET ZCD-L250s (1040Lt) Island Dual Temperature Freezer & Chiller
    RRP RRP: $4,398.90 inc GST RRP: $3,999.00 +GST $3,739.07 $3,399.15 +GST inc GST
  6. Columbia Twice B+1 125
    RRP RRP: $22,671.00 inc GST RRP: $20,610.00 +GST $18,816.93 $17,106.30 +GST inc GST
  7. Columbia Twice B+1 250
    RRP RRP: $23,331.00 inc GST RRP: $21,210.00 +GST $19,364.73 $17,604.30 +GST inc GST
  8. Columbia Twice B+2 125
    RRP RRP: $23,914.00 inc GST RRP: $21,740.00 +GST $19,848.62 $18,044.20 +GST inc GST
  9. Columbia Twice B+1 187
    RRP RRP: $30,096.00 inc GST RRP: $27,360.00 +GST $24,979.68 $22,708.80 +GST inc GST
  10. Columbia Twice B+2 187
    RRP RRP: $32,461.00 inc GST RRP: $29,510.00 +GST $26,942.63 $24,493.30 +GST inc GST
  11. Columbia Twice B+2 250
    RRP RRP: $35,915.00 inc GST RRP: $32,650.00 +GST $29,809.45 $27,099.50 +GST inc GST

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