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Efficient refrigeration

Skipio fridges and freezers use efficient condensers and evaporators to ensure faster cooling, and higher efficiency.
Efficient refrigeration
Quality design
Skipio uses the highest quality materials to design its fridges and freezers. High density Polyurethane insulation, ergonomically designed doors, and magnetic door gaskets are just some of the many design features in use.
Easy to clean
Skipio fridges and freezers have a stainless steel exterior, making them easy to clean and ensuring long product life.
Easy to clean


What should I know about SKIPIO?

SKIPIO offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of any business. With their advanced cooling technology and well-crafted designs, customers can rest assured that their perishables remain in the best possible condition while stored in Skipio coolers.

Skipio's fridges and freezers are designed with efficiency in mind. The condensers and evaporators used by Skipio produce faster cooling results than traditional models, significantly increasing the overall efficiency of their refrigeration systems.

In addition to excellent performance, Skipio insists on quality construction when designing their units. Using only the highest calibre materials, such as high-density Polyurethane insulation, ergonomically designed doors, and magnetic door gaskets, Skipio is able to ensure that their fridges and freezers will stand up to even the toughest use. With such attention to detail and reliability of performance, one can be sure that Skipio's efficient refrigeration offers excellent value for money.

Whether it is a small walk-in cooler or a large one with multiple doors, Skipio offers cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Customers can also benefit from additional features such as reinforced shelving and reliable temperature sensing technology - making Skipio commercial refrigeration an excellent choice for storing temperature-sensitive goods safely and efficiently.

What certifications and standards does the SKIPIO comply with?

The SKIPIO refrigeration meets the highest standards and is compliant with all necessary certifications. All product components are tested to ensure quality design for maximum performance and reliability. Our refrigerators also comply with multiple standards such as UL, CB and ENERGY STAR, ensuring that they can be used in multiple countries around the world. You can rest assured that your SKIPIO refrigerator will never compromise on safety and quality - it is certified to meet the highest standards of excellence!

What items are included in the SKIPIO product line?

Its product line includes Under Counter fridges, beverage showcases, ice cream Glassdoor Freezer, and Reach In (Fridge / Freezer).

Under Counter fridges:

Under Counter Solid fridges are essential for any kitchen, providing much-needed storage space in a compact form. They're perfect for anyone who wants to maximize their available storage without sacrificing countertop space and can be installed easily with minimal disruptions to the regular flow of your kitchen. The best models feature adjustable temperature settings and compartments that can store both fresh food and frozen items.

Ice cream glass door Fridges

SKIPIO brings you the ultimate convenience with their ice cream glass door fridges. Manufactured to the highest standards, these fridges are dynamic and rugged – perfect for busy shop spaces! Low electricity consumption provides the perfect environment for displaying your delicious frozen treats. Rubber handles offer easy opening, while rounded edges add a touch of softness to your interior décor. Plus, each fridge has hygienic LED lighting that ensures your produce remains illuminated yet clean and untouched by any external contaminants.

What other products or SKIPIO offers services?

The other services include kitchen designs for hotels, café, bakeries and restaurants. SKIPIO is dedicated to offering its clients the opportunity to improve their business through expert kitchen designs. Their exclusive collection of services caters to hotel, café, bakery and restaurant owners' needs. They provide detailed designs that meet all safety and operational requirements while making sure that the design is unique and eye-catching. With years of industry experience and a team of professional chefs and designers, SKIPIO promises a high-value service that brings luxury and pleasure to the dining experience.

FAQs about the SKIPIO

Q: No ice being made?

  1. (1) Check the water tap to see if water is flowing or
  2. (2) Look inside to see if any ice cubes are stuck
  3. Q: Elevated temperature?

    1. (1) Determine whether the condenser is clogged by dust or anything else (by opening the easy cover at the front to check the condenser)
    2. 2. Examine the ventilation
    3. (3) Look inside the appliance to see whether anything obstructs the evaporator fan, making it difficult for cold air to circulate.
    4. Q: Is it still under warranty?

      1. (1) Verify the blue sticker's serial number (inside the right-hand side door for under bench units, at the back for Ice maker and under bench drawer units)
      2. (2) Photograph the serial number and email it to the service team to determine whether the product is still covered under warranty.
      3. What SKIPIO products do we offer?

        SKIPIO provides the best refrigeration products for your business needs. Offering a wide selection of fridges, freezers, fridge-freezer combos and food displays, we make sure that you always have a reliable storage option for your perishables. Our products are designed to maximize energy efficiency while ensuring that all food is kept in its optimal condition. With SKIPIO’s quality products, you can rest assured that your business’s needs will be well taken care of.