Koolaire is a sub-series proposed by Manitowoc Ice, providing storage bins and refrigeration equipment. For the past 56 years, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to enhance the food service industry. Manitowoc Ice pioneered the first automated cleaning system for ice machines in 1964 and has since unveiled a series of advancements, such as a touchscreen display and a wide selection of energy star appliances. These innovative products have made it the premier choice for big and small businesses across the United States. As a result, countless venues- from small cafes to large restaurants- enjoy quality service courtesy of Manitowoc Ice's outstanding technology. In addition, an unparalleled standard of performance and reliability can be counted on when partnering with this esteemed industry leader - a fact that has been proven accurate repeatedly over their illustrious legacy.
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The times have changed since Manitowoc Ice began manufacturing ice machines, yet the company still maintains its commitment to product innovation and environmental stewardship. Interest in their products has never been higher as they are now seen across the globe in all types of establishments, from hotels and restaurants to convenience stores and grocery stores. These fantastic products are manufactured in their three world-class facilities in Wisconsin, Mexico, and China, certified with ISO standards. Not only are the quality and standard of these facilities held to a high degree, but with this disbursement across numerous countries also comes an increase of scalability for Manitowoc Ice's business needs. Indeed, during such revolutionary times, Manitowoc Ice's star shines bright as a #1 selling brand of commercial ice machines.

What items are there on the Koolaire product line?

There are a lot of items ranging from storage bins, ice cube machines, Kubert, and under counters. Some of them are as follows:

Koolaire Ice Cube Machine

The Koolaire Ice Kube Machine by Manitowoc Ice brings you the best of both worlds. Durability, efficiency, and economic value come together in this perfect machine that fits any size operation. The Koolaire Ice Kube Machine can produce more than 50 pounds of crescent cube ice per day with maximum storage capacity in access of 100 pounds. Not to mention the low energy consumption of these ice cube machines, converting to lower utility bills for your business. Easy-to-use cleaning cycles, plus the internal air filter, allow your customers to enjoy fresh, clean ice all year round with minimal maintenance required on your part. Whether you're a small cafe or an experienced restauranteur, the Koolaire ice machines have you covered.

Koolaire Undercounter Ice Makers

The premium undercounter ice makers from Koolaire, will provide you with the dependability you require at a cost that won't break the bank. This machine combines simple usage and environmental lifetime thanks to straightforward controls and a handy front air intake and output. It also has many valuable features, including a slide-out bin door that perfectly conceals itself behind the appliance, an easy-to-remove and reuse air filter to keep your condenser cleaner, and various cube sizes to pick from. Additionally, you can feel secure knowing that parts and labor warranty cover the ice maker, and its evaporator.

Koolaire Wide Ice Storage Containers

The wide ice storage bin models from Koolaire are the perfect complement to Koolaire's ice makers, thanks to their wide range of features. The bins of these storage containers boasts a stay-open design and an interior scoop holder for convenient ice scooping. Engineers have tried a cutting-edge, stainless-like finish with outstanding corrosion resistance to fend off wear and tear. The black side panels complement your Koolaire ice maker models, adding flair and convenience. A warranty covers the bin and its accessories.

What Koolaire products do we offer?

The Koolaire products that we offer are:

Ice storage bins

The Koolaire ice storage bins feature a stay-open design, which keeps the bin door out of the way while scooping ice, providing outstanding convenience and functionality. An internal scoop holder is easy to use and keeps the scoop above the ice line. These models are constructed of stainless steel and feature corrosion resistant bodies. Additionally, they feature adjustable legs and side panels in the back let you alter and arrange whatever you need. If you need a high-quality storage bin, then Koolaire’s storage appliances are an excellent option packed with so many qualities.

Contact us and our expert sales team will help you choose the correct Koolaire product for your needs. All Koolaire products are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at [email protected] at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.
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