Commercial Upright Baker Fridges

Commercial Upright Baker Fridges
Upright/vertical baker fridges are undoubtedly some of the best refrigeration solutions money can but. With solid multi-door options, strong wheels and temperature control our high-performing range is certain to be a perfect choice for you. Don’t miss out on fantastic deals and fast Aussie-wide shipping. Propel your business into the next generation with efficient vertical baker fridges. Whether you are catering for many, or only require minimal refrigeration, we have both large and compact units. Our machines are designed and tested for the hot climate so you can rest easy knowing that your commercial upright baker fridge is going to last for years to come. View our collection online or talk to us directly and order your very own vertical baker refrigerator today!

Why invest in an upright vertical baker fridge?

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If you run a bakery, having a good commercial baker fridge is essential. After all, you need to be able to store your baked goods properly so that they stay fresh and delicious. That's where we come in. We offer an incredible range of commercial baker fridge models, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Whether you require to keep your cupcakes, cakes, or batter refrigerated, we have the commercial baker fridge units that will help you out in your bakery and commercial kitchen. Plus, our units are provided by the best Australian brands. They are well-built and can last for many years, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that you are making the right investment. So why wait? Browse our selection of upright vertical baker fridge models today and find the perfect one for your business!

Our range of high quality commercial baker fridge models

For those operating a bakery business or commercial kitchen, having a reliable fridge is essential. There are many different models on the market to choose from, so finding the perfect one for your needs is important. Some factors to consider include size, capacity, energy efficiency, and customisable controls. Many units also feature casters that makes it easy to move around these upright baker fridges as needed.

One option that is popular among bakery owners is the single door upright baker fridge unit. These provide ample storage space for all the ingredients you need, and the high grade stainless steel exterior is easy to keep clean. Additionally, many of these commercial baker fridge units come with tray slides ready to accept standard size trays, giving you complete versatility in how you use them. Whether you are looking for a basic model or one with all the bells and whistles, you are sure to find an upright vertical baker fridge on our website which will surely satisfy all your commercial requirements.

What are the Advantages of a vertical bakers fridge?

You will hardly find a commercial bakery without at least one commercial vertical baker fridge of some sort. Not only have these appliances become a functional necessity, but they have also become one of the most popular methods of preserving cakes, breads, dough, etc. Freezing the food items and edibles can help you prevent spoilage and decay. Suppose a situation arises where you need to shop in larger quantities. In that case, a standalone upright vertical baker fridge can be the best cost-effective option than purchasing a commercial fridge or freezer that will take up much more space in your kitchen.

Upright baker fridges provide efficient Accessibility

You don't have to bend down to rummage through piles of frozen food products and bottles with a chest fridge. With a design that resembles an upright fridge, it's easy to spend more time browsing the shelves with the fridge door open. This may seem like a waste of energy, but the organisational potential of shelving and rearranging products mitigates this risk. The same rule also holds true for compact upright fridge variants. In addition, commercial baker fridge models typically defrost automatically, making them easier to maintain and clean than under bench fridges.

Upright Baker fridges are easier to Organize

An upright baker fridge allows you to see your food products and items' contents more clearly, making sorting and organising items easier than in a chest refrigerator.

Options of Split Door and Single door models

Upright baker fridges are more expensive than under bench refrigerators or chest freezers, particularly if you buy two doors vertical bakers fridge models; but the convenience and extended storage capacity they offer for your bakery makes the extra cost worthwhile. For commercial environments, vertical bakers fridges with single or multiple doors are excellent solutions for keeping food at safe temperatures because you get both more than one storage sections. Your staff will only open one door of your fridge at a time with multiple doors, reducing the amount of cold air lost and saving you energy.

You can find single and double door bakers fridge with multiple sections. These provide you with sufficient storage space required in high-producing commercial settings while still getting fit in limited kitchen space. The upright vertical baker fridge is particularly ideal for bakery items, cakes and dough that you need to store, organised in a particular manner, whether you keep it in the central kitchen or a in a meal preparation section.

What type of compressor and door to choose for your commercial baker fridge?

Top or Bottom mounted compressor

A vertical baker fridge with a bottom-mounted compressor would work best in your kitchen. If your commercial kitchen is mostly hot or with high ambient temperatures, a bottom-mounted condenser stays in the coolest part of the kitchen without drawing in smoke and greasy vapours rising from stoves and ranges nearby. However, if your commercial baker fridge is located away from the steaming appliances, a condenser installed on the top of the fridge, will stay safe and won’t be collecting dust and debris from the kitchen’s surface, which can clog the coils.

Types of Doors

Upright vertical baker fridge are available with either solid doors or glass doors. Glass door fridges provide greater visibility of product, which can cut down on employee search time and minimize product waste. Solid door fridges provide better energy efficiency due to their tighter seal, and they're often less expensive than glass door models. When choosing a commercial baker fridge for your commercial kitchen, it's important to consider how the fridge will be used and what type of products will be stored inside. Will you be using it for storing fresh ingredients, prepping meals or holding finished food items? Upright vertical baker fridge models are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any need.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of commercial upright baker fridges for your Cake, Bread, and Commercial Kitchen. All our products including upright and underbench are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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