Commercial Cold Floor Standing Showcase Food Display

Commercial Cold Floor Standing Showcase Food Display

Have customers drooling over your products with our reliable and quality cold food displays. Aussie tested for complete satisfaction, and options for interior LED lighting make showcasing your cakes, drinks or other options simple! Whether you’re a cafe or kitchen you can’t go wrong with one of our food displays. With energy efficient models available you can save money whilst improving your product sales by tempting customers with visible products. Showcasing your selection of goods has never been easier with our wide selection of cold food displays. Nothing beats variety and with our commercial cold floor standing food units you are providing customers with variety and quality. Our Australia-wide fast shipping gives you peace of mind and quick turnaround so you can get back to running and improving your business. View our impressive range of standing cold food displays today!

Our line of high quality and energy efficient cold display case is an essential element for stores specializing in the food industry. Food businesses that are committed to ensure the freshness and quality of their products benefit from food display cabinets. Indeed, it is much more than a simple storage cabinet, it represents an essential tool for attracting customers, thanks to the display enhancement of the food products offered for sale. Nowadays, all food businesses realise that refrigerated display cases hold an essential place for the sustainability of a store's activities, for the display of cold food and drinks and keeping the various products for sale, fresh for the required time.

Features of a Cold Floor Standing Showcase

Our experience with catering professionals and food industry businesses allows us to select and offer you a wide range of cooling equipment adapted to your specific needs.

Our refrigeration specialists select only the best models from the top brands to satisfy the needs of the commercial refrigeration domain. Our models feature electronic thermostats, that allow you to easily control positive and negative temperatures along with digital displays and LED illumination.

Our refrigerated cabinet models are available in easily adjustable floor standing, wall-mounted or wheeled variants.

Opt for our professional commercial equipment which come with reliable warranties and delivery all over Australia.

Key Benefits of a Refrigerated Beverage Display

Although product freshness is vital in running a successful bakery, how one presents their delicious edibles can be equally significant.

In any bakery, a bakery display case is a must-have item. In this industry, appearance can be just as essential as taste.

The way a food display case is set up in a shop can openly reflect the quality of the food and the professionalism of the staff.

In addition, this type of equipment is mainly essential, not just for displaying products to customers, but also for keeping them at an optimal temperature. Our models provide sufficient controls for maintaining the best temperature without unnecessary freezing of the food items.

Our Cold Floor Standing Food Display Cabinets are durable and aesthetic refrigerators that can be installed with ease in numerous establishments and businesses. These can include a catering room, a sandwich shop, airports, hotels, pizza parlours or even in the offices of a company.

From a commercial point of view, the installation of a refrigerated food display proves to be a strategic choice because it enable you to comply with the various regulatory obligations relating to the conservation of food items. Such display cabinets also ensures greater visibility of the products stored within. Advantages that you get from these display cabinets include:

  • Promote the food items on sale
  • Convince customers to buy
  • Improve sales
  • Stand out from your competitors

In addition to the fact that it will also allow employees of a company to easily pick up a cold treat during their breaks, the refrigerated display case also plays an invaluable social role within the company in which it is installed. You would have noticed generally that the point where such a food display is set up eventually becomes a real space of relaxation where employees exchange ideas or opinions on both professional and personal subjects. Thus, an attractive food display showcase is beneficial for both your customers and employees.

How to choose the refrigerated beverage display case best for you

Depending on its aesthetics, its technical features or its integration into the spot where it is to be installed, the refrigerated display case for cold food and drinks can have a positive or negative impact on the outlook of your particular business. To obtain the best results that are expected, it is then recommended to select this device by taking into account the following factors:

The type of products that you intend to display want to keep there;

  • Integration into your business environment
  • Aesthetics of the food display unit

In order to meet the needs of customers accurately, we offer you a wide variety of Commercial cold floor standing food units from our stock which includes top of the line and well known industry leaders. Depending on your requirements, you can therefore opt for a countertop or floor standing showcase. Depending on the layout of your premises, you will also have the choice between models such as:

  • Floor standing showcase
  • Countertop models
  • Under the bar cabinets
  • Glass door models
  • Self serve display cabinets

With regard to aesthetics, we offer you to choose this appliance from two different types of displays, the open cold display case and the closed cold display case. These two models obviously have distinct characteristics. The open refrigerated display case allows products to be displayed more directly and also offers customers the possibility of helping themselves to the food items inside. For its part, the closed refrigerated showcase preserves food items from various temperature changes while displaying them for sale.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of commercial cold floor standing food display for your Cakes, Displays, Sandwiches, Serve Over, Commercial Kitchens, Ice Cream, Pizzas, Bread and Self Serve. All our products including showcases are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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