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Specialising in equipment for the Foodservice Industry. Dedicated to Professionalism since 1982

ICS Pacific Logo With a large range of commercial catering equipment and displays for small and large Australian businesses, ICS Pacific is the perfect choice for your catering equipment needs.


3 Year Warranty

Confidence in buying an ICS Pacific product is assured with their industry leading 36 month parts and labor warranty on all products and equipment.
3 year warranty

Products for a variety of needs

ICS Pacific have displays for a wide variety of needs, including upright fridge displays, medical and vaccine fridge displays, chest freezer displays, and more. Multiple configurations of displays are also available, including floor standing, bench top, or under counter displays.

Packed with features

ICS Pacific's range of displays have decaling available for corporate branding, and all of ICS Pacific's vaccine refrigerators are fully compliant with Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Cold Chain Standards.
packed with features

Medical fridge range

ICS Pacific's medical fridges are perfect for storing vaccines. They are fully compliant with Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Cold Chain Standards, are virtually maintenance free, and have an easy to use digital temperature control and display.


What should we know about ICS Pacific?

Finding the right catering equipment for your business can be daunting, requiring extensive research and testing. With ICS Pacific, however, you no longer have to worry about these factors. Their extensive range of commercial catering equipment offers the perfect solution regardless of the size of your business. Additionally, ICS Pacific's confidence in their products is due to its industry-leading 3-year parts and labor warranty on all their products and equipment. Customers gain peace of mind when buying an ICS Pacific product.

ICS Pacific offers a comprehensive selection of fridge and freezer displays designed to meet the needs of different establishments. Their range consists of classic upright and specialized medical and vaccine storage equipment, with various floor standing, benchtop, and under-counter configurations. You'll also receive decaling that is perfect for corporate branding purposes. In addition, each display has an array of features that will make food storage simpler, safer, and more cost-effective than ever before. With ICS Pacific's displays at your service, you can be sure that you're getting only the best in terms of quality and price.

For over 37 years, ICS PACIFIC has been instrumental in the food service and medical industries across Australia and internationally. Our dedication to excellence and our ongoing commitment to development has made us a cornerstone of the ever-evolving technology for food service equipment, as well as for viable storage and care of vaccines. We believe that only through working closely with manufacturers can we ensure that all our products maintain superior quality, enabling us to provide superior performance for the various sectors in which we are involved. This has always been and will continue to be, our focus from now into the future.

What items are there on the ICS Pacific Product Line?

They offer a variety of items, such as freezers, fridges, medical refrigeration, and catering equipment. All these are categorized based on variations in features. Some of the products are:

Bench Top Fridges

The Bench Top Fridges from ICS pacific are high-quality, versatile refrigerators perfect for any kitchen. With their sleek and stylish design, this fridge is sure to stand out in your kitchen no matter which colour you choose; black and white are available. However, other colors can be ordered. The brilliant LED illumination on four sides brightens the contents of the refrigerator when activated, and it also comes with an illuminated canopy option.

You know that your food will be safely stored with electronic temperature control, display you know that your food will be safely stored. Furthermore, a maintenance-free condenser, a ventilated cooling system, and its automatic defrost options allow convenient and efficient use of the product while keeping your food fresh at all times. Finally, three adjustable chrome-plated shelves plus a base make these fridge models just what you need for a commercial kitchen.

ICS Pacific Chest Freezers

Add quality cooling equipment to your kitchen with the ICS Pacific Chest Freezer. Innovative and efficient, these freezer models boast a generous storage area with two baskets included, allowing you to organize and store goods safely and accurately. Various temperature ranges are available from -13ºC to -22ºC at an ambient temperature of 35ºC and 60% humidity, you can rely on its ability to keep whatever you're freezing for extended periods. 2 to 3 years warranty offered for these freezers makes them the ideal choice for both commercial and domestic use, providing peace of mind that quality won't be compromised. And with either Glass or Solid lids available – both lockable – convenience is guaranteed for all chest freezer models from ICS Pacific.

ICS Pacific Compact Medical Fridges

The ICS Pacific Compact Medical Fridges are the perfect solution for storing medical products at a consistent temperature. With digital temperature control and display, you can precisely set the temperature range from +2oC to +8oC with an ambient room temperature between +10oC and +32oC and a humidity of 60% for these medical fridges. Additionally, the internal rear wall of these medical fridges is fully protected from freezing, and there is an audible and visual alarm for added safety. The self-closing lockable door with LED lighting in these fridges ensures your stored items are secure while being virtually maintenance-free and help save you time.

ICS Pacific Commercial Refrigerated Drink and Juice Dispensers

Commercial Refrigerated Drink and Juice Dispensers offered by ICS Pacific are the perfect solution to keeping drinks chilled and refreshing. The bowls are available in 18, 26, and 40-litre sizes and feature virtually indestructible polycarbonate bowls and lids for maximum durability. Beverages are gently stirred with a non-aerating paddle system for even product temperature, while one-hand operation with a non-drip stainless steel tap makes serving easy. Moreover, the high-efficiency systems provide precise refrigeration, ensuring drinks remain chilled at all times. As a result, consumers can have confidence that their drinks will stay cold no matter what with all commercial refrigerated drink and juice dispensers from ICS Pacific.

What ICS Products do we offer?

At Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, we are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of ICS Pacific products. From reliable storage solutions and state-of-the-art merchandising displays to food preparation appliances, we offer a variety of items such as freezers, fridges, medical refrigeration, and catering equipment. We have something for every commercial kitchen's needs. We focus on providing quality solutions tailored to each customer's specific requirements. All of our ICS Pacific products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards with an eye toward energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability of operation. Everything you need for your commercial kitchen is here at Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia.