Why do I need a roll-in fridge for my Commercial Kitchen?

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A roll-in fridge is a commercial fridge that allows you to wheel in racks of food items that you require to chill into an empty refrigerated cavity. These fridges are highly versatile and helpful for various food prep and storage applications, making them ideal for high-volume scenarios. These units are perfect for restaurants, bakeries, and other food service businesses that need to maximize their workspace. Roll-in fridges are much easier to move around than your standard fridge and offer you the facility of having an empty cavity that is perfectly sized for conventional food racks. You can quickly transfer your Roll-in fridges to your establishment's front of the house, kitchen, or packaging area when not in use. A roll-in fridge can be the perfect solution if you are looking for a convenient way to store and prepare food.

A roll-in fridge is generally an excellent investment for any commercial kitchen. We offer a wide selection of roll-in fridges from the top Australian brands in various styles to suit the requirements and needs of any kitchen size. So, whether you're looking for a compact roll-in fridge for your small kitchen, or a high-volume type for a large commercial operation, you can find it on our website. We stock and sell the best commercial fridges and freezers of all the top brands. We offer Australia wide shipping and the best deals on commercial roll-in fridges. Have a look at the vast collection on our website. Contact us today, and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect roll-in fridge for your business.

What are the general specs of these roll-in fridges?

Various features are common in most roll-in fridges. Do keep these in consideration when purchasing a fridge of this type. First, consider the size of the unit, making sure it's large enough to accommodate all of your food storage needs. Next, take a look at the configuration of the fridge. For example, many models come pre-packaged with shelves and racks, which help organize food items and make them easily accessible. Finally, consider the features offered by different models. For example, some models have door locks and alarms to secure the stored items. It is vital to look for these general specs when purchasing a model for your business, and you'll be able to find the perfect roll-in fridge for your business.

How many doors are there on a Roll-in fridge?

As we've already established, a roll-in fridge is a versatile storage solution that can be used in various settings. In addition, its design allows for easy transport of plates and trays, making it an ideal choice for catering businesses.

The number of front doors often categorizes these roll-in fridges and corresponds to the storage capacity. One-, two- and three-door models are available with solid or glass doors. Obviously, more doors will be necessary for higher-volume use. Double-door roll-in fridges typically contain 15 sheet pans, while a three-door model will accommodate 30 pans. A base door hinging on the fridge provides the easiest access. If you have space constraints, a 180-degree swinging door will enable more effortless loading of pans and trays.

You'll find models equipped with blinded doors or glass doors for 1 or 2 trolleys, making it easy to keep track of your inventory. Additionally, the inside of a roll-in fridge is designed to work with grids or GN1/2 trays, making it a versatile storage solution for various businesses.

A roll-in fridge is a heavy-duty refrigerator variant that is perfect for businesses that need to increase their workflow. These units have glass doors to display your products and can withstand constant use. A roll-in model is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fridge that can handle a lot of traffic. These units are typically larger than standard commercial fridges and come with various features that make them perfect for businesses.

For example, roll-in fridges often have adjustable shelves so that you can customize the layout to meet your needs. In addition, many roll-in fridges come with doors that open from the top, making it easy to access your products. A roll-in model is a perfect choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty fridge that can increase your workflow.

What are the advantages and uses of a roll-in fridge?

Ideal for large canteens and large restaurants that host many banquets, the trolley storage cabinets of the Roll In line speed up work and considerably reduce meal distribution times. They have flexible capacities to allow you to work with GN2/1 or 600x400 trolleys and larger 600x800 trolleys. The thickness of the sides ensures excellent performance and always optimal conservation consistency.

What are the size and construction considerations for a roll-in fridge?

Fridges are vital to any food service operation, and roll-in fridges offer a convenient way to store large quantities of food. These units are typically wider than standard fridges, allowing them to accommodate multiple pans and trays. When choosing a roll-in fridge, it is vital to consider the specific operation's needs to ensure that the unit will meet demand.

Regarding roll-in fridges, operators have a few choices in terms of construction and design. Mostly, roll-in fridges are made with either stainless steel or aluminum - or a combination of both materials. In addition, roll-in fridges can have self-contained or remote compressors. As for the refrigerant, roll-in fridges may have a capillary tube or an expansion valve flow device to provide efficient temperature retention and recovery in high-volume operations. Ultimately, the best choice for a roll-in fridge will depend on the operation's specific needs.

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