Commercial Display Fridges

Commercial Display Fridges
Glass door display fridges are ideal for commercial operations for showcasing products in high foot traffic areas. Commercial display fridges can act as self service units in store, that can display various sized products due to their adjustable shelving. Our range of display fridges for sale; range from 1 door to 4 door units from brands such as Skope, Williams, Bromic, Artisan & FED plus many more known brands. If you’re looking to replace an existing unit in your cafe, restaurant, Health care facility, school, supermarket or deli we provide units with flexible payment options.

Why should I get a Deli or Butcher's display fridge?

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We know a lot about food, and we're not just talking about the freshest ingredients. We understand what it takes to keep your customer's appetite fresh with quality display fridge models, deli fridges, and butcher fridges that showcase their favorite meats or deli items - all while making sure they stay safe from contamination by badgers who love grub as much (or more) than you do! If there is one thing our extensive range of butcher fridges and smallgoods display fridges have in common; besides offering fantastic options for both small-and large butchers/delis alike: It will be easy to access at every level, whether shopping online or at a supermarket.

The retail meat display models and butcher fridges are essential appliances for professionals in the catering trade. Cheese display fridge and smallgoods display fridge models are other notable best sellers for Delis and Supermarkets. Our website features a wide range of aesthetic refrigerated display cases in ventilated cold with super-structure in curved or straight and liftable lids. But also models of modular refrigerated butchery showcases to best optimize the space available in your business and facilitate your work as a butcher.

Is a Deli fridge useful for me?

Are you a butcher's manager? Then, opt for a retail meat display to show off your sausage. Like a refrigerated display case, the glazed butcher's fridge has two prominent roles: it is used both to preserve the quality of the food and its display. Indeed, it allows the conservation of products to be marketed through its refrigeration system. And thanks to its glass front, your meats and cheese will be visible to the general public.

Nevertheless, it isn't easy to choose the ideal commercial fridge among the models that swarm on the market. So, to help you out, we reveal the criteria before buying butcher fridges or a retail meat display for a butcher's shop.

What type of cooling technology should I choose?

The butcher fridges feature a cold system like the refrigerator, the freezer, the cold room, and the refrigerated display case. These fridges can be ventilated cold or static cold. These two cooling technologies allow the preservation of beef, pork, or poultry and different preserved meats: mortadella, ham, salami, and other similar products.

The static cold

Static cold is an older technology used by conventional fridge and freezer models. The operating principle of this system is simple: the air circulates freely in the glass refrigerator. As a result, warm air will stay down since cold air will tend to rise. The temperature is therefore not uniform inside the refrigerated appliance. For best results, the organization of stored food is needed according to the capacity of the glass front fridge.

We list here some tips for storing food in the static cold glass refrigerator if you plan to buy one:
  • The fragile pieces of meat should be stored in the cold zone, at the very top of the fridge.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the temperate zone.

Ventilated cold

This type of cold is more perfected. The principle of ventilated cold consists in distributing the cold evenly in the refrigerator. It injects cold, dry air, which cools the food more quickly. Compared to static refrigeration refrigerators, ventilated cold ones allow food to be preserved for a more extended period, even three times longer.

In addition, a ventilated cold refrigerator is equipped with a defrosting system, which avoids the formation of frost that affects the quality of the pieces of meat. It also reduces the tasks related to the maintenance of the device. However, it has a high energy consumption, unlike that equipped with a static cold unit.

The dimensions of the display fridge

Most retail meat display models have various dimensions (height, depth, width) to meet the choices of butchery professionals.

The capacity of the display fridge

When buying a glass front display refrigerator, it is necessary to determine its use in advance. For this, choosing a model with sufficient capacity for your needs is advisable. Moreover, there is a whole range of display fridges on the market to make your choices easier.

The climate class of the display fridge

Like a conventional freezer and refrigerator, or even a refrigerated showcase with curved glass, the deli fridges or butcher fridges also have a climate class. The latter must be considered, especially for a fridge located in a place with a relatively high ambient temperature. Indeed, a commercial fridge may sometimes have difficulty maintaining the desired temperature even if it has a specific climatic class.

Regarding the energy class, choosing a refrigerator classified A+ is recommended. These fridges allow a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Why do I need a commercial display fridge?

The display refrigerator with a glass door is undoubtedly one of the refrigerator models most appreciated and widely used by professionals in the commercial food industry. The diffusion of ventilated cold, with its ease of use, allows optimal preservation of drinks and freshly packaged products. As a result, all the drinks and food items that are stored and displayed retain their freshness and flavour. A commercial display fridge has the same properties as a refrigerated cabinet with an additional glass door. The display fridges are also available in a freezer version.

You can find a wide range of display fridges on our website. We stock and sell all the top brands of Australia, including Skope, FED, Williams, Bromic, Bonnet Neve, Atosa, and Exquisite. These display fridges can vary according to many characteristics such as the capacity in litres, the volume of the drinks, the temperature generated inside the fridges, the type of cold etc. We provide the best prices and deals with Australia wide shipping to meet all your commercial refrigeration needs.

What are the advantages of a refrigerated display case refrigerator?

A display fridge works like a refrigeration cabinet, aiming to store and preserve products and drinks at the right temperature. This type of fridge is essential for your food or entertainment business. In particular, it has various advantages that you will find helpful.

Clear and attractive display

A refrigerator with glass doors allows you to keep and store all your products in a cool place with an ideal storage temperature. There's nothing worse than consuming a drink that isn't chilled at the right temperature. With a glass door display fridge, you won't have this problem!

In addition, the shelves inside the refrigerator are primarily adjustable, which has the advantage of organizing and adapting your storage space according to the number of products to be stored.

A self-service system

A display fridge is a charming addition for supermarkets and shops thanks to its self-service system. In fact, your customers can serve themselves straight from the fridge. Since the glass doors remain closed most of the time, you also save energy. You also have a direct view of all products through the glass. Your customers no longer have to keep opening and closing the door to see what's in the fridge. In addition, this saves the cool air retained inside the fridge.

Display fridges feature adjustable feet and castors

Finally, on some models, the feet are adjustable to adjust the height of the display case, thus ensuring the stability of your glass door refrigerator. This stability plays an important role, even at the risk of damaging the refrigerator's internal components and motor. In addition, most display fridges come equipped with castors with wheel brakes, so your display fridge moves only when required and doesn't slip.

Can you customize your glass door display fridges?

Do you own a business and want your fridge to be personalized with your logo? No problem! Personalizing the fridge you want to buy on our website is possible.

All you have to do when ordering is to indicate that you would like your device to be personalized. The business can mostly submit a good resolution digital image printed on the display fridge you decide to purchase.

You can have your display fridge customised with images of your choice and receive your refrigerator directly personalized and ready for use. Such customization is possible for both bar display fridges and refrigerated display cases.

How to put your display fridge into operation?

When you are about to receive your refrigerator, a few precautions should be taken before you start using it. In fact, it is crucial to wait 24 hours before operating a commercial display fridge. Due to transportation, your refrigerator may not have been stored in its operating position. The refrigeration components may have malfunctioned. A 24-hour wait allows these components to return to their original position. If you do not take this precaution, the appliance may fail and not function.

How to choose the right commercial display fridge?

Choosing a display fridge can be complicated because there are so many different models to choose from with varying features. In fact, these display fridges are available in various capacities so that you can store cool drinks such as wine, soda cans or other soft drinks. There's also the small-sized fridge, which minimizes cold loss thanks to its sturdy glass door. The smaller variants of these display fridges can be easily placed on a counter in your shop or on top of a bar to display your drinks to great effect.

To make things easier for you, we have listed all types, models and sizes of display refrigerators, including Open Front, Upright, Supermarket Island, Deli-Butchers and Cake Showcase models, so that you can choose the refrigerator that best suits your expectations. One thing is for sure, at our online store, you will find professional quality refrigeration equipment at the best prices and also the most feasible payment plans and discount offers.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of display fridge for your Display, Drinks, Milk, Commercial Kitchen, Cake, Sandwich, Self Serve, Pizza, Salad, Serve Over, Ice Cream, Meat, Flower and Chocolate, Frozen Food, Seafood and Bread. All our products including Open Front, Upright, Supermarket Island, Deli-Butchers, and Cake Showcase are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

For businesses in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry, effective storage solutions are key for efficient operations. The display fridges for sale are not only handy for storing perishable items but also display them to catch the attention of people visiting your business premises. That's where Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia comes into play by offering the best collection of display fridges for businesses in need of cost-effective cooling options for their products.

Display Fridges For Sale: Best Design, Cost Effective and Appealing Look

Specialising in high-quality display fridges, our stock of fridges is designed to keep your products at optimal temperatures while displaying them in an appealing way to highlight the product and grab the immediate attention of prospects. Our display fridges are equipped with features like LED lighting, adjustable shelving, and digital temperature controls. These features make them the best choice for businesses looking to combine efficiency with aesthetic appeal. So when you search for the best display fridges for sale in Australia, there is no better option than Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia.

One Door Glass Lid Display Fridges for Sale

One-door glass lid display fridges for sale are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require efficient cooling storage but have limited space. The single door allows for easy access, while the glass lid offers clear visibility of the products inside. This type of fridge is often used in convenience stores, small supermarkets, and specialty shops to display a limited range of products that need to be placed in chilling conditions.

Usually, these products are used within a couple of days. These fridges are also used to thaw frozen food items before their use. For example, restaurants thaw cheese and meat 24 hours in chilling conditions within the temperature range of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius before their use in food. This is a good practice as the food items are placed in a clean, away from danger zone temperature range. Thus, you can ensure that your food items are free from any food-borne illness.

Double Door Glass Lid Display Fridges

The double-door glass lid display fridges offer more storage capacity and are well-suited for medium-sized businesses. With two doors, it allows for better organisation of products and can handle a higher volume of goods. The glass lids provide a clear view of the items, making it easier for customers to make selections. These freezers are commonly found in larger supermarkets, restaurants, and food service operations where a variety of frozen products are sold.

Three Door Glass Lid Display Fridge

For businesses that require maximum storage capacity and product visibility, a three-door glass lid display fridge is the optimal choice. The three doors allow for even greater organisation and accessibility, accommodating a wide range of frozen products. The glass lids offer excellent visibility, encouraging impulse purchases. These units are typically used in large supermarkets, wholesale clubs, and other high-volume retail settings where a diverse selection of frozen goods needs to be displayed and accessed efficiently.

Display Fridges Melbourne for Bakery: Why Choose a Display Fridge for Your Bakery?

When it comes to running a bakery in Melbourne or another big Australian city, presentation is everything. A display fridge not only keeps your baked goods fresh but also showcases them and helps people choose what appeals to them. These display fridges Melbourne are easy to maintain, clean and are effective to operate. Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia offers a variety of display fridges that are perfect for bakeries, designed with features like LED lighting and adjustable shelving to make your products look irresistible. Apart from Melbourne, we do deliver commercial display fridges to all Australian states and their cities, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. You can also check our commercial kitchen equipment page to have a look at a variety of equipment for you.

Key Features of Display Fridges Melbourne

LED Lighting

LED lighting of display fridges Melbourne enhances the visual appeal of your baked goods. LED lighting in display fridges serves a dual purpose: it illuminates your products to make them more visible and attractive while also being energy-efficient. The right lighting can make a significant difference in how your products are perceived. With LED lighting, the colours of your baked goods appear more vibrant, capturing the true essence of your products and making them irresistible to customers.

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving is a game-changer when it comes to maximising the utility of your display fridge. With the ability to move shelves up or down, you can easily customise the interior space to fit products of various sizes. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that offer a diverse range of items, from small pastries to large cakes or platters. The flexibility of adjustable shelving allows you to make the most of your available space, ensuring that you can display as many products as possible in an organised and visually appealing manner.

Digital Temperature Controls

Digital temperature controls are essential for maintaining the freshness and quality of your perishable items. These controls allow you to set and monitor the internal temperature of the fridge with precision, ensuring that your products are stored at optimal conditions. Whether you're storing dairy, meat, or baked goods, maintaining the right temperature is crucial for both food safety and quality. Digital controls take the guesswork out of temperature management, providing you with peace of mind and the confidence that your products are always stored under the best possible conditions.

Benefits of Display Fridges for Bakeries

Increased Sales: A well-displayed product is more likely to attract customers.

Efficient Use of Space: Ideal for bakeries with limited space.

Food Safety: Keeps your products at a consistent, safe temperature.

Display Fridges Melbourne for Restaurants: Why Restaurants Need Display Fridges

Restaurants often have a variety of perishable items that require optimal storage conditions. From fresh produce to prepped ingredients for the day's menu, a display fridge from Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia can offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Features like double or triple doors offer better organisation and higher volume storage, accommodating a variety of perishable items. Glass lids enhance visibility, making it easier for both staff and customers to make selections. Digital controls allow for precise temperature management, ensuring that your ingredients are always stored at optimal conditions.

These features not only contribute to operational efficiency by providing easy access to ingredients, thereby speeding up food preparation, but they also enhance customer engagement. A well-organized and visually appealing display can entice diners to try special dishes or desserts. Most importantly, these fridges help in maintaining food items at safe temperatures, effectively preventing spoilage and ensuring food safety. Whether you're running a high-end restaurant or a cozy café, a display fridge with these features can significantly improve your business operations.

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  1. Bonvue GN-900RT Counter top square glass cold food display
    RRP RRP: $1,980.00 inc GST RRP: $1,800.00 +GST $1,683.00 $1,530.00 +GST inc GST
  2. Skope Serene SC430N Glass 1 Door Fridge
    RRP RRP: $2,277.00 inc GST RRP: $2,070.00 +GST Regular Price $1,844.37 $1,676.70 +GST inc GST ON SALE: ON SALE $1,703.90 $1,549.00 +GST inc GST
  3. Exquisite CTC120 Curved Cold Countertop Cake Display
    RRP RRP: $2,200.00 inc GST RRP: $2,000.00 +GST $1,760.00 $1,600.00 +GST inc GST
  4. Exquisite CTC120S Curved Cold Countertop Cake Display
    RRP RRP: $2,200.00 inc GST RRP: $2,000.00 +GST $1,760.00 $1,600.00 +GST inc GST
  5. Exquisite CTC160 Curved Cold Countertop Cake Display
    RRP RRP: $2,420.00 inc GST RRP: $2,200.00 +GST $1,936.00 $1,760.00 +GST inc GST
  6. Exquisite CTC160S Curved Cold Countertop Cake Display
    RRP RRP: $2,420.00 inc GST RRP: $2,200.00 +GST $1,936.00 $1,760.00 +GST inc GST
  7. ATOSA P600WB Black Glass 1 Door Display Fridge
    RRP RRP: $2,770.90 inc GST RRP: $2,519.00 +GST $2,161.30 $1,964.82 +GST inc GST
  8. Bromic GM0690LB Black Upright 1 Glass Door Display Chiller
    RRP RRP: $3,685.00 inc GST RRP: $3,350.00 +GST $2,414.41 $2,194.92 +GST inc GST
  9. Bromic GM0690LW White Upright 1 Glass Door Display Chiller
    RRP RRP: $3,685.00 inc GST RRP: $3,350.00 +GST $2,414.41 $2,194.92 +GST inc GST
  10. F.E.D X Series XURC600G1V Upright Glass 1 Door SS Fridge
    RRP RRP: $3,289.00 inc GST RRP: $2,990.00 +GST $2,466.75 $2,242.50 +GST inc GST
  11. SKOPE BCE600N EziCore 1 Glass Door Display or Storage Fridge
    RRP RRP: $3,635.50 inc GST RRP: $3,305.00 +GST $2,944.76 $2,677.05 +GST inc GST
  12. ICS Pacific Novara 915A Ambient Floor Standing Display
    $3,289.00 $2,990.00 +GST inc GST
  13. Anvil NDSV3730 Cake Display 3 Tier 900mm
    RRP RRP: $4,400.00 inc GST RRP: $4,000.00 +GST $3,696.00 $3,360.00 +GST inc GST
  14. Williams HP1GW Pearl - One Door White Colorbond Upright Display Refrigerator
    RRP RRP: $4,924.70 inc GST RRP: $4,477.00 +GST $3,841.27 $3,492.06 +GST inc GST
  15. F.E.D X Series XURC1200G2V Upright Glass 2 Door SS Fridge
    RRP RRP: $5,159.00 inc GST RRP: $4,690.00 +GST $3,869.25 $3,517.50 +GST inc GST
  16. Anvil NDSV4730 Cake Display 4 Tier 900mm
    RRP RRP: $4,620.00 inc GST RRP: $4,200.00 +GST $3,880.80 $3,528.00 +GST inc GST
  17. SKOPE BCE1200N EziCore 2 Glass Door Display or Storage Fridge
    RRP RRP: $4,851.00 inc GST RRP: $4,410.00 +GST $3,929.31 $3,572.10 +GST inc GST
  18. Bromic GM1100LS-NR 2 Door Upright Display Fridge 1082L
    RRP RRP: $6,160.00 inc GST RRP: $5,600.00 +GST Regular Price $4,504.50 $4,095.00 +GST inc GST ON SALE: ON SALE $4,133.80 $3,758.00 +GST inc GST
  19. Bromic GM1100LB-NR 2 Door Upright Display Fridge 1082L
    RRP RRP: $6,160.00 inc GST RRP: $5,600.00 +GST Regular Price $4,504.50 $4,095.00 +GST inc GST ON SALE: ON SALE $4,133.80 $3,758.00 +GST inc GST
  20. ICS Pacific Novara 1215A Ambient Floor Standing Display
    $4,169.00 $3,790.00 +GST inc GST
  21. ICS Pacific Novara 915R Refrigerated Floor Standing Display
    $4,233.90 $3,849.00 +GST inc GST
  22. Williams HPR2GW Pearl - Slim Two Door White Colorbond Upright Display Refrigerator
    RRP RRP: $5,475.80 inc GST RRP: $4,978.00 +GST $4,271.12 $3,882.84 +GST inc GST
  23. Exquisite CDS209 3 Tiers Cake Display Refrigerator
    RRP RRP: $5,500.00 inc GST RRP: $5,000.00 +GST $4,400.00 $4,000.00 +GST inc GST
  24. Exquisite CDS209B 3 Tiers Cake Display Refrigerator (Black)
    RRP RRP: $5,500.00 inc GST RRP: $5,000.00 +GST $4,400.00 $4,000.00 +GST inc GST
  25. Anvil NDSV3740 Cake Display 3 Tier 1200mm
    RRP RRP: $5,280.00 inc GST RRP: $4,800.00 +GST $4,435.20 $4,032.00 +GST inc GST
  26. Anvil NDSV4740 Cake Display 4 Tier 1200mm
    RRP RRP: $5,280.00 inc GST RRP: $4,800.00 +GST $4,435.20 $4,032.00 +GST inc GST
  27. F.E.D X Series XURC1410G2V Upright Glass 2 Door SS Fridge
    RRP RRP: $5,929.00 inc GST RRP: $5,390.00 +GST $4,446.75 $4,042.50 +GST inc GST
  28. Skope TME1000N-A ActiveCore 2 Door Chiller/Fridge
    RRP RRP: $5,945.50 inc GST RRP: $5,405.00 +GST Regular Price $4,875.31 $4,432.10 +GST inc GST ON SALE: ON SALE $4,506.01 $4,096.37 +GST inc GST
  29. Anvil DSS3830 Salad/Cake Display 3 Tier 900mm
    RRP RRP: $5,500.00 inc GST RRP: $5,000.00 +GST $4,620.00 $4,200.00 +GST inc GST
  30. Exquisite CDS309 4 Tiers Cake Display Refrigerator
    RRP RRP: $5,830.00 inc GST RRP: $5,300.00 +GST $4,664.00 $4,240.00 +GST inc GST
  31. Exquisite CDS309B 4 Tiers Cake Display Refrigerator (Black)
    RRP RRP: $5,830.00 inc GST RRP: $5,300.00 +GST $4,664.00 $4,240.00 +GST inc GST
  32. Anvil NDSV3750 Cake Display 3 Tier 1500mm
    RRP RRP: $5,940.00 inc GST RRP: $5,400.00 +GST $4,989.60 $4,536.00 +GST inc GST
  33. ICS Pacific Novara 1215R Refrigerated Floor Standing Display
    $5,049.00 $4,590.00 +GST inc GST
  34. Anvil NDSV4750 Cake Display 4 Tier 1500mm
    RRP RRP: $6,050.00 inc GST RRP: $5,500.00 +GST $5,082.00 $4,620.00 +GST inc GST
  35. Williams HP1GS Pearl - One Door Stainless Steel Upright Display Refrigerator
    RRP RRP: $6,530.70 inc GST RRP: $5,937.00 +GST $5,093.95 $4,630.86 +GST inc GST
  36. IARP JOY 30 LITE Semi-Vertical Multi-Deck, R290. White
    RRP RRP: $6,171.00 inc GST RRP: $5,610.00 +GST $5,183.64 $4,712.40 +GST inc GST

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