Commercial Underbench Work Top Fridge

Commercial Underbench Work Top Fridge
You don’t have to sacrifice workspace in order to achieve refrigeration solutions. We have high-quality underbench worktop fridges with splashback that provide excellent workspace and highly-efficient refrigeration. Our commercial worktop bench fridges are made from premium quality and come with custom features to suit any and all for station types. Have peace of mind that your items will stay fresh and chilled, while you work on the top easily. With multi-door options and LED lighting you’ll have easy access to everything you need. View our options online and receive orders fast with Aussie-wide shipping.

Why do I need commercial work top fridges for my food business?

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Commercial work top fridges are refrigeration appliances generally used to prepare snacks, sandwiches and fast food, primarily found in pizzerias. Such a fridge is available in a variety of dimensions and depths. These commercial work top fridges feature a worktop with a splashback that prevents stains and splashes on the kitchen walls and a refrigerated space below. This refrigerated space is used to preserve and store the various ingredients necessary for making salads, sandwiches and pizzas. The refrigerated storage space has the option of both doors or drawers.

We stock and sell the best commercial work top fridges or bench fridges with splashback of all the top brands. In addition, we offer Australia wide shipping and the best deals on commercial kitchen equipment.

What is the purpose of underbench worktop fridges?

An underbench worktop fridges, also known as bench fridges with splashback, as the name suggests, are used to prepare and preserve food items in bakeries, delis and pizzerias. Thanks to its stainless steel worktop, the underbench worktop fridges facilitate the preparation of dishes. The interior of the refrigerated table promotes the storage of containers at a stable temperature. This refrigerated preparation cabinet offers the possibility of preparing the ingredients while keeping them cool. These underbench worktop fridges offer multi-purpose functions. Essential for a professional kitchen, an underbench worktop fridges is often designed in stainless steel. These fridges are also easy to clean and maintain. In addition, this commercial appliance also offers models with ample storage space according to the number of doors/drawers and the dimensions of the fridge. They are equipped with 1 to 5 doors. Commercial underbench worktop fridges are available in several models and ranges. These models differ according to their uses and industry. The width of a professional underbench worktop fridge varies depending on the models of the bench fridge.

Work top underbench fridges for salads

This professional refrigerated cabinet prepares salads, burgers, and sandwiches in fast food and grocery stores. The refrigerated salad bowl contains a refrigerated space below the worktop, often made of stainless steel. This type of refrigerated table has stainless steel bins for storing ingredients surmounted by a showcase. These bins, to store food, are also refrigerated to preserve the freshness of the products. With this type of refrigerated material, recipes can be prepared in full view of customers.

Work top underbench fridges for Pizzas

The refrigerated pizza table differs from the salad maker's worktop, generally made of granite and not stainless steel. The depth of its backsplash worktop facilitates the work, especially regarding extensive preparations. Like the refrigerated preparation salad bowl, the pizza table has refrigerated storage bins to arrange the ingredients in a cool place.

Why buy underbench worktop fridges online?

We stock and sell a vast range of bench fridges for commercial kitchens and catering professionals, ideal for keeping your drinks and other foodstuffs cool. These are available in the workbench or vertical upright variants. This catering equipment is essential in a commercial kitchen because it saves a lot of space due to its integrated work plan.

Indeed, underbench worktop fridges can be used both as a worktop or a refrigerator in a kitchen. Therefore, it is possible to use this appliance to prepare your food easily. For kitchens with a reduced surface area, it is the perfect appliance for professional chefs in sectors such as catering. Among the models offered by the top Australian manufacturers, the most efficient are those constructed with stainless steel. It is suitable for use in a commercial environment with relatively little available space. In addition, we make every effort to offer you a refrigerated table adapted to your business needs and constraints.

Our models are available with 2 to 4 doors, with or without drawers, with or without backsplash, depth of up to 900 mm, and capacity of 80 to 700 litres. The models we stock and sell are bound to meet all your food making requirements.

Should I choose underbench worktop fridges with Stainless steel or granite worktop?

Stainless steel worktop

Stainless steel is a staple in kitchens. Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant, it is appreciated by professional cooks. Resistant to high temperatures, its alloy also makes it very light and more economical. However, be careful; this material absorbs the temperature of the food. In addition, it is more challenging to work the dough on stainless steel; it sticks and becomes more complicated to model.

You can find this stainless steel worktop on positive temperature work top underbench fridges and sandwich tables.

Granite worktop

Granite is tough and hard-wearing. Being a natural rock, it does not absorb the temperature of the food and makes it possible to work with all types of dough. Ideal for cutting and assembling pizzas, its thermal and hygienic properties make it the preferred equipment for pizza makers.

Should I get underbench worktop fridges with drawers or hinged doors?

The refrigerated counter, or the refrigerated table, is, therefore, the essential tool for efficient and rapid presentation. It saves you space in the kitchen and makes it easier to design your dishes. To optimize the use of your equipment, you must choose your workbench fridge carefully. Here are some elements to help you choose among the different possible combinations.

Prioritize drawer ergonomics

The drawers on underbench worktop fridges give easy access to the products. Extension of your salad bowl, you can store the foods you use more rarely. It is also the fastest solution to change your GN containers and limit clutter in the kitchen. Please note that the space gained by the use of drawers reduces the storage space of the underbench worktop fridges.

Choose the capacity with hinged doors

The doors on underbench worktop fridges make it possible to benefit from optimal storage space. However, opening the doors outwards can disrupt your food prep operations if you work in a confined kitchen. Some models offer modular doors and have an automatic closing system. These little extras allow you to save time and stick better to your food prep operations. The doors are available in glass for more visibility or in stainless steel for secure storage.

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