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A leader in the production of coldrooms

MISA Logo MISA provides technologically advanced and reliable coolrooms. Their quality products and constant search for new production technologies have allowed them to stay at the forefront of coolroom technology.

Full of features

MISA coolrooms are quick and easy to install, and perform well in tropical environments up to 43°C.

MISA coolrooms are also ISO 9001, CE and UL certified.
full of features
Power efficient
MISA coolroom polyurethane panels, for both the cool and freezer rooms, are up to 50% more efficient at 43°C, compared to similar EPS panel systems.
Usable in multiple environments
The MISA modular coolroom system is applicable to many environments, including cool rooms, freezer rooms, combination cool and freezer rooms, production rooms, and more.
Multiple environments


What should I know about Misa?

MISA offers a premium cool room solution that sets the standard, providing customers with a technologically advanced and reliable choice. Their quality products provide essential features such as quick installation, high performance, and energy efficiency in extreme conditions, making them ideal for those hot tropical climates up to 43°C. In addition, MISA continually strives to stay ahead of the curve with the latest production technologies that allow them to create innovative and cost-effective solutions, allowing customers to access high-quality products at competitive prices.

The MISA cool room polyurethane panel system is the perfect solution for operations requiring extreme power efficiency and flexibility. Its unique construction results in up to 50% greater energy savings even at high temperatures of 43°C when compared with similar EPS panel systems. In addition to being incredibly power efficient, the MISA modular system is also highly versatile. It can be used in various applications such as cool rooms, freezer rooms, combination cool and freezer rooms, production rooms, and much more. As a result, professionals can benefit from its unequaled energy efficiency without sacrificing any functionality for their businesses.

MISA is known worldwide for its reliable products and services, making it a pioneer brand in its sector since 1969. The brand has accrued years of experience during this time, resulting in many successes and evolving into systems recognized as benchmarks of excellence. This unique combination of tradition and technology is reflected in its superb product offerings, providing a winning combination that customers depend on. In addition, MISA's commitment to quality shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, making it a dependable choice for current and future customers.

What appliances are there on the Misa product line?

There are a lot of items in Misa's product line ranging from different types of cool rooms, freezers, and even medical vaccine refrigerators. They are all divided into subcategories depending upon multiple feature variations.

MISA Modular Cool Room

The waterproofing of cool rooms and freezers is made easy with the modular cool room models that are Right-Hand hinged. Because of its high-density polyurethane panel system, which provides fire resistance, moisture resistance, and eco-friendliness, this product line offers a wide range of features and protection. The panel system for these rooms is user-friendly, making it suitable for even inexperienced installers. Users can benefit from reduced cold loss when using the MISA solution. The modular cool rooms from MISA provide exceptional value for your investment due to its ease of use, multi-functional capabilities, and high-quality materials.

MISA's Freezer Room and Free Block

MISA's freezer rooms and freezer room free blocks are perfect for any space. They offer massive storage space and can be ordered with a right-hand or left-hand hinged door. With significant volume capacities, these rooms are ideal for bulk storage. The original MVS (MISA Vacuum System) high-attentiveness isothermal polyurethane flexible panel system provides outstanding insulation and increased energy competence in these freezer room models. MISA's patented "fast fit" twin hook cam-lock system is also included in such freezer room models for quick and easy assemblage.

MISA’s Cool Room

Cool room models from MISA are ideal for businesses looking for a dependable and efficient insulation solution, Freeblock models are an excellent choice. This model range offers original MVS polyurethane modular panel systems that provide outstanding insulation, maximum energy competence, and increased capacity, with significant volumes. As an added bonus, the design's "dissolute fit" twin hook cam-lock system allows quick and easy assembly without sacrificing quality. By special order, these cool rooms also include a right-hand hinged door and a left-hand hinged door.

What Misa products do we offer?

Commercial Fridges and Freezers Australia offers a comprehensive selection of Misa products to suit any commercial cool room needs. Our premium-grade Misa fridges and freezers come in upright and under-counter styles, designed with convenience and efficiency. The range also includes medical fridges, which are purpose-built to comply with the strictest safety requirements for storing vaccines, medications, and other essential items that require specialized temperature control. We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality products at competitive prices, so whatever you're looking for, you can trust Commercial Fridges and Freezers Australia to have you covered.