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A name synonymous with innovation and quality

Hoshizaki Logo Hoshizaki has over 60 years of experience in the food service and commercial kitchen industry, and offers a wide variety of quality fridges and freezers.

Energy efficient

Hoshizaki fridges and freezers are powered by energy efficient DC fans, which are 80% more energy efficient than AC fans.
Energy efficient
Built for Australian kitchens
All Hoshizaki fridges and freezers are built to work in Australian kitchen conditions and are HAACP rated to 43°C.
2 year warranty
Hoshizaki fridges and freezers come with a 2 year warranty for parts and labour, so you can feel at ease knowing your fridges and freezers will last.
2 year warranty


What should I know about Hoshizaki?

Hoshizaki is an experienced leader in commercial kitchen solutions, providing quality products and excellent customer service for over 60 years. Their commitment to innovation is evident; the items in their high-performance portfolio boast superior efficiency. In particular, their fridges and freezers are powered by energy-efficient DC fans that consume up to 80% less power than AC fans. So, whether you need a reliable cold storage solution for your business or home kitchen, Hoshizaki has you covered with its wide variety of Hoshizaki fridge and Hoshizaki freezer models. Trust in the superior quality of Hoshizaki refrigeration to provide products you can depend on.

Hoshizaki is a renowned leader in reliable and cost-effective refrigeration solutions for the food service industry, crafting commercial-grade fridges and freezers ideal for Australian kitchen conditions. Every product carries the critical HAACP rating to ensure hygiene standards are met; this high-temperature rating of 43°C guarantees thorough sanitation without risk to stored food items, no matter the ambient temperature. With years of innovation, Hoshizaki will keep your kitchen running smoothly with quality cooling units built to last.

Investing in a Hoshizaki fridge or freezer provides assurance and peace of mind. With a two-year warranty for parts and labor, you can rest assured that your appliances are built to last. In addition, Hoshizaki's friendly and experienced technicians can quickly repair any malfunctions. Whether you need additional information about the product or assistance operating it, their dedication to customer service will ensure you get an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

What items are there on the Hoshizaki product line?

Hoshizaki deals mainly with kinds of refrigerators. These include fridges, freezers, and ice machines. Here are some of the products produced from all categories:

Commercial RTC-120MNA 2-Door Counter Fridge by Hoshizaki

The Commercial RTC-120MNA 2-Door Counter Fridge by Hoshizaki is ideal for any commercial kitchen. Built with a stainless-steel interior and exterior, this unit is durable and creates a hygienic space emitting rounded edges and removable door gaskets for easy cleaning. Plus, the refrigerator comes standard with 115 mm Castors and 100 - 150mm adjustable legs as an option to further accommodate user needs. In addition, a programmable electronic controller and display allow users to set cabinet temperatures ranging from -2°C to 12°C while operating from 5°C to 38°C making refrigeration highly effective in various environments.

Commercial Hoshizaki RTC-180MNA 3-Door Counter Fridge

The Commercial Hoshizaki RTC-180MNA 3-Door Counter Fridge is ideal for restaurant, hotel, and cafe owners looking for reliable temperature control in a reliable package. This stylish model is designed to operate in ambient temperatures between 5°C and 38°C, while its microprocessor-controlled cabinet temperature adjusts from -2°C to 12°C as needed. Boasting 115mm Castors as standard, an optional 100 - 150mm adjustable leg kit is also available. Furthermore, its programmable electronic controller and display allow users to maintain a hygienic environment with rounded edges and removable door gaskets for easy cleaning, all complemented by the stainless-steel interior and exterior finishes.

Commercial FTC-120MNA 2-Door Counter Freezer by Hoshizaki

The Commercial FTC-120MNA 2 Door Counter Freezer by Hoshizaki is designed to accommodate any kitchen's needs. It offers a controlled and adjustable cabinet temperature range of -2°C to -23°C. This freezer also comes standard with 115 mm Castors and optional 100 - 150mm adjustable legs for flexible installation options. To further improve usability, this commercial freezer features a programmable electronic controller and display, stainless steel interior and exterior for durability, and a hygienic design with rounded edges and removable door gaskets for easier cleaning. With an ambient temperature range from 5°C to 38°C, the Hoshizaki Commercial FTC-120MNA 2 Door Counter Freezer is an essential innovation for any kitchen.

Self-Contained Ice Machine Hoshizaki Cube Series IM-30CNE-25

The Self-Contained Ice Machine Hoshizaki Cube Series IM-30CNE-25 is perfect for hot climates and demanding conditions. It can produce anywhere from 18kg to 22kg of ice per day, with 25x 25x 23 mm cubes perfectly formed every time. Moreover, it is rated to perform reliably in temperatures of up to 40°C while maintaining high energy efficiency and low water consumption level through its new intelligent control circuit. Furthermore, its microcomputer controller ensures a smooth-running machine at peak performance no matter the external conditions, while built-in safety features like freeze cycle backup protection ensure reliable and consistent operation even when unexpected power losses occur.

What Hoshizaki products do we (Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia) offer?

At Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, we offer one of the widest selections of Hoshizaki products available. From under-counter fridges to upright stainless-steel fridges, we are stocked with a comprehensive range of Hoshizaki equipment suitable for every situation and scale. Our selection also includes purpose-built commercial-grade ice machines, chest freezers, and multi-deck chillers – guaranteeing that no matter your specific cold storage needs, you'll find what you need at our store. Rest assured that all our Hoshizaki products meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and performance, perfect for businesses in various industries looking for reliable refrigeration solutions.