Commercial Cold Countertop Food Display Cabinets

Commercial Cold Countertop Food Display Cabinets

Give customers the best selection by allowing them to view your range of products in cold countertop food display cabinets. By providing products at eye-level to customers you create an effective selling process whilst providing more options to patrons. Have your products well-lit and structurally safe and sound with our excellent cold countertop display cabinets. Your business deserves the best and our commercial countertop displays are it! Made from premium materials and Aussie tested you know your items will remain chilled and fresh. Check out our range of cold countertop displays today and be on your way to selling more pastries, cakes or other cold items in no time.

Let your customers to see your whole product line in cold countertop food display cabinets to give them the best possible choices of cold food products. Our food display cabinets let you place things at eye level for customers to view them easily. This enables you to create a more successful selling process while also giving them more options. With our wide variety of outstanding cold countertop display cabinets, you can keep your products brightly illuminated and stored safely.

Your business deserves the finest, and we provide it with our commercial cold countertop food display cabinets. Made with excellent materials and rigorously tested in Australia, you can rest assured that your chilled treats will stay cool and fresh. Check out our selection of cold countertop displays today and you'll soon be selling more cakes, chocolates, pastries and similar cold food items instantly.

All of our food display countertops provide features such as self-service, counter integration, adjustable and tilting shelves and LED lighting at each level. Our countertops are available in different widths and depths allowing better refrigeration of food items, dynamic presentation and an enhanced view of the stored products. These refrigerated displays come with double-glazed doors with transparent uprights which enables maximum visibility of the shelves inside.

Advantages Of Food Displays For Your Business

If your establishment manages to attract long lines of hungry customers, then you have ample opportunity to target them with a good marketing strategy. A business can make additional sales margins from the impulsive purchase tendencies of customers with unique commercial food display fridges placed strategically in the right spot.

Most freezers and refrigerators lack clear displays or doors that are necessary to be placed in a storefront. However, well designed food display counters can perform the job of displaying the products to potential customers. Countertops mostly feature quick access doors, curved glass fronts for better display of food and adjustable shelves to place numerous products.

Display In Style

Watch as your scrumptious snacks and sweets are rapidly purchased and disappear from the shelves, all thanks to a stunning countertop display featuring front curved glass and elegant stainless steel base complementing the entire decor of your cafe or bakery.

Increase Impulse Buying

Food display countertops help to display your wonderful freshly baked pastries, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and donuts in a magnificent display cabinet with glass walls all around. Perched on top of a checkout counter these are bound to attract customers to take a second look and make a purchase.

Sense Of Hygiene

The hygiene and cleanliness of restaurants and bakeries are two of the most prominent client complaints. The days of food being displayed in open areas are over. You may wow your clients by showcasing the cleanliness of your restaurant in innovative and trendy ways. Because the glass display counters are correctly packed, no insects may penetrate the counters, preventing the food from spoiling.

Space Saving

You can choose to place a smaller cold countertop on the main counter of your store or on the top of a bigger bakery display case. You'll find this option to be the best for smaller establishments looking to make the most of their limited space.

Quick Service Cabinets

Most of the models that we stock include sliding glass doors on the back of the cabinets that enable store personnel to quickly retrieve and service the customers efficiently. This keeps the queue in motion at your bakery or restaurant. Keeping the customers happy and the sales continuous.

Built To Last

For best durability and convenient cleaning, the countertops are designed with double pane tempered glass with a stainless steel base providing further structural stability. Last but not least these cabinets come fitted with rubber feet to keep the display case from slipping.

Shopping Options of Our Food Display Countertops

We stock and offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration solutions which makes it possible for us to provide our customers with endless features and options.

Our cold countertop display cabinets are available in the easy to handle and efficient to display countertops and the more prominent food display showcase variants.

Our display cabinets come from industry leaders including Anvil Aire, Atosa, Exquisite, Tecfrigo and Cossiga. These cabinets have sliding doors instead of swinging doors that provide easy access to large sized products. All the models also include LED lighting and double glazed glass for the doors.

More than one option is available from you to choose from in terms of colours. These models offer Black, Grey and Stainless Steel for a sophisticated look.

Our refrigerated cold countertop displays vary in width including 700, 900 and 1500mm wide showcases. You can store and display all types of cold and frozen food items in these cabinets, for example, Cake, Frozen Fish/Meat, Ice Cream, Salad, Sandwich or Seafood.

These display counters can be seen at all sectors of the catering industry including establishments such as a Bakery, Café, Deli, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail Store or Supermarket.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of Commercial Cold Countertop Food Display Cabinets for your Displays, Cakes, Frozen Foods, Ice Cream, Salads, Sandwiches and Seafood. All our products including countertops are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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