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Supplying the Hospitality Industry for over 45 years

F.E.D. Logo Federal Hospitality Equipment (F.E.D.) is an Australian owned importer and supplier, who has been providing commercial food, catering & restaurant equipment for over 45 years.

A trusted name

F.E.D. has been providing the hospitality industry with high end commercial food equipment for over 45 years.

Caterers, restaurateurs, bakers and many more have come to trust the F.E.D. name in association with quality and reliable products.
Local support
F.E.D. have a comprehensive dealer network throughout Australia, offering local area sales, support and service.
Products for every situation
F.E.D. offers a large range of high quality commercial fridges and freezers, heated and chilled food displays, chest freezers, zoned wine coolers, microwaves, dishwashers, and more.
Multiple products


What should I know about F.E.D.?

With over 45 years of experience providing premium commercial food equipment, F.E.D. has developed a trusted reputation in the hospitality industry as a reliable supplier of quality products. Their comprehensive dealer network ensures that the entire nation can benefit from their services and expert advice; no matter where a caterer, restaurateur, or baker is situated throughout Australia, there will be a F.E.D. representative available to offer local sales, service, and technical assistance for all of their high-end products.

Caterers, restaurateurs, and bakers appreciate the quality and reliability associated with the F.E.D. name, making it their go-to choice for premium equipment solutions. To ensure its products are always within reach of its customers, F.E.D.'s comprehensive dealer network provides local sales, support, and service throughout Australia to bolster an already impressive range of offerings. With experience like this behind them, it is no surprise that F.E.D. is a globally recognized supplier of commercial layouts in hotels, cafés, and restaurants.

What items are included in F.E.D.?

F.E.D. is a one-stop shop for all of your commercial kitchen needs. They offer a wide selection of commercial products, from fridges and freezers to wine coolers and microwaves, so that you can choose the optimum solution for your kitchen. Their products are of exceptionally high quality, providing reliable performance and lasting durability that stands up in commercial environments - ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food service businesses. In addition, F.E.D.'s specialized range covers everything from heated/chilled displays and chest freezers to dishwashers and more - enabling customers to equip their switchboards with a comprehensive array of appliances for optimal efficiency in their business operations.

Here are some of the products from each category:

F.E.D-X Series XGNS1300B Compact Workbench Fridge

The F.E.D-X Series XGNS1300B Compact Workbench Fridge is an excellent solution for professional-grade refrigeration performance in a compact package. This model features a stainless-steel interior and exterior to ensure the unit maintains its attractive appearance and rounded corners to make cleaning simple and fast. This fridge comes with a Gastronome GN 1/1 sizing and an Embarco compressor, which is ideal for all your needs. Additionally, it offers features such as a Digital Dixell controller and display, fan-forced cooling, heavy-duty castors with front brakes, and replaceable magnetic door seals to keep temperatures steady over time. Finally, this fridge has temperature range capabilities from +2 - +8°C, readily displayed and controlled on its digital climate/ambient temper display.

XUB7C13G2V Glass 2 Door Bench Fridge from F.E.D.

The XUB7C13G2V Glass 2 Door Bench Fridge is a durable and reliable product with various features that make it an excellent choice for maximum flexibility. It has a Gastronorm 1/1 compatible shelf configuration, rapid temperature recovery, and user-friendly digital control and display. Its heavy-duty castors allow easy movement from one location to another, and its stainless-steel glass door provides maximum visibility while remaining tropicalized to suit Australian conditions.

F.E.D-X Series XUB7F18S3V Solid 3-Door Bench Freezer

The F.E.D-X Series XUB7F18S3V Solid 3-Door Bench Freezer is the perfect freezer for cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants looking to make a great impression on their patrons. This stainless-steel top freezer can function as a workbench or easily fit under a bench to save space and tidy your workspace. Plus, its digital controls, which display an easy-to-read digital display, allow for rapid temperature recovery and topicalization tailored to Australian conditions making sure you are always prepared for more extensive capacity needs. The heavy-duty castors give this unit flexibility when it comes to movement, so you can move quickly from one area to another without sacrificing the quality of service or product taste!

F.E.D H-SL840V Bonvue Heated Food Display

The F.E.D H-SL840V Heated Food Display Bonvue offers your business an intuitive option for food storage without taking up too much space. Featuring four levels of display and three wired-shelving options, as well as a base hot food holding cabinet, this display is perfect for hot foods. The fan-forced thermal air flow and humidity ensure that each item is kept at the optimal temperature and humidity levels. At 1200mm wide, the F.E.D Bonvue is also manageable enough to fit where you need it! Plus, the easy clean inner surface does cleaning between services a breeze, complete with internal display lighting over each level for added flair in presentation. Get the F.E.D H-SL840V Heated Food Display Bonvue today and make your buffet area stand out while providing top-quality product storage solutions!

What products do we offer?

Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia offers a wide selection of F.E.D. products for all your culinary needs, including upright, under-counter, and bar fridges. Each unit is engineered with some of the most advanced cooling technologies on the market and provides unbeatable performance, efficiency, and temperature control to guarantee your peace of mind. Our range also includes state-of-the-art freezers designed to keep food fresh and free from contamination while saving you time and money in the long run. Look at our wide selection of F.E.D. products today to find the perfect solution for your restaurant or other commercial kitchen needs!