Commercial Underbench Freezer with Drawers

Commercial Underbench Freezer with Drawers

Slide open the drawers to your very own high-quality underbench freezer with drawers. Designed and tested for the harsh Australian climate our brands such as FED and Williams are built to last. Drawer freezers provide quick and easy access to chilled products and allow for efficient storage. Our models come with compact or large storage options for no matter what kind of cafe, restaurant or store you have we got you covered. With warranties and guarantees you have peace of mind that your commercial underbench drawer freezer will serve you and your customers well, for years to come. Check our our online range or chat with our staff directly to learn more about our custom options and fast shipping.

Commercial Underbench Freezers are the Pinnacles of Utility

Most commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens deploy commercial underbench freezers with drawers as these provide exceptional utility and functions. Commercial freezers with drawers provide easy and swift access to chilled food items and other products and offer resourceful storage. Food items are kept frozen and are easily accessible from the refrigerated drawers of these freezers. These underbench freezers are easy to install as they are small enough to fit under your counter. These freezers prove to be the best type of refrigeration appliance if you're constrained by space.

Various models are available, including freezers featuring glass or solid doors and more refrigerated prep tables. In addition, we stock and sell high-quality, durable underbench drawer freezers from the best brands in Australia.

Commercial kitchen staff and even customers can see and pick from the stored items in the freezers through the glass doors. However, in industrial kitchens where displaying merchandise isn't as important, underbench freezers with solid doors work best.

Essential features of an Underbench freezer with drawers

The underbench freezer is a splendid space saver in any setting. You can install these compact appliances tightly under a standard kitchen countertop as they are closely comparable to a dishwasher in size. Despite its small size, this freezer can perform all of the functions of a larger freezer. The only real distinction between the types of freezers is the number of frozen items you can store at a time.

In most kitchens, an underbench freezer can have two to three drawers that you can open, similar to cabinet drawers. Food is placed in each drawer and is relatively easy to retrieve when needed. The configurations available due to these drawers let you store vegetables in one drawer, meat or seafood in another, and other products in yet another drawer. When preparing a meal, this configuration enables you to find the right kind of frozen food and save time.

The underbench freezer's other models are similar to the vertical freezer model. To gain access to the interior, a single door swings outward. You use removable shelves of the freezer to organize frozen food inside. Some refrigerators also feature storage baskets that can be connected under each shelf, which helps manage the contents.

Similar to the chest freezers and full-size freezer variants, the underbench freezers with drawers are frequently self-contained. Put another way; you don't need any pipeline to run your business. Self-defrosting equipment reduces the need for drip trays under the equipment by preventing it from freezing and frosting. In addition, the exterior of the underbench freezer can be coordinated with other kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and ovens. Due to their stainless steel housings, these small freezers remain durable and come in various traditional appliance colours ranging from white to beige and black.

Why is an underbench freezer with drawers such a popular appliance?

For businesses, sensible use of available space is vital. Large areas of luxury are not always available in commercial kitchens. For a layout that facilitates efficient operation, space optimization is critical.

Thus, choosing kitchen appliances that help you save space is wise. A refrigerator with efficient storage space can help you declutter your kitchen. There should be enough space in the area for people to move around freely and without being distracted.

The underbench freezer is the best option when saving space is the primary requirement. There are a variety of models available on the market right now. Each model has a different level of complexity. Therefore, a factor such as depth can assist you in determining your equipment's storage capacity. Moreover, functionality and technology advancements have greatly aided in making such freezers more efficient and convenient.

What are the Prime Advantages of Buying Underbench Freezers?

  1. 1. A great advantage of owning a drawer freezer is its ability to improve your kitchen's visual appeal. These refrigerators give the impression of a cleaner, more open space.
  2. 2. Most modern refrigerator models are made of aluminium or stainless steel. Purchasing appliances made of materials that can withstand the business environment is critical. In addition, appliances should be strong and long-lasting. Stainless steel is a strong and stable material, so it's a great option. There are a variety of colours, textures, designs, and materials to choose from for these freezers.
  3. 3. These under-fridges provide safe access to food that has been stored. They can assist in the delivery of efficient services. You can get food by reaching out. It is simple to remove products from the counter equipment.
  4. 4. These under-the-bench chillers conserve space. They can help make room for other refrigerators in the kitchen. In addition, these appliances can be used to design the entire kitchen layout.
  5. 5. Most new models come with features that help the equipment be more environmentally friendly. The new model's refrigerant is both environmentally friendly and more efficient. They not only aid in the preservation of the environment, but they also aid in the reduction of energy consumption.

What are the factors to Consider Before Buying Underbench Freezers?

Before you decide to spend your money, double-check your refrigerator's capabilities. These features are essential because a device's efficiency is determined by its capabilities. Cooling fans, electronic controllers, and replaceable gaskets are some essential functions for the effective functioning of a refrigerator. The appliance must have stainless steel surface treatment. Stainless steel is a tough and long-lasting metal and ideal for commercial applications. It can withstand a demanding commercial setting. It is always preferable if the device's internal corners are rounded, so they're simple to clean.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of commercial underbench freezers with drawers. All our products including solid door and drawers are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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