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Skope ReFlex RF8.UPC.2.SD 2 Door Upright Combo Fridge/Freezer

Skope ReFlex RF8.UPC.2.SD 2 Door Upright Combo Fridge/Freezer Skope 2 Door Upright Fridge/Freezer Combo with Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior, Internal Lighting, 40 °C Ambient Rating, Adjustable Shelves and the ability to connect to Skope's Smart phone App make this Upright Freezer perfect for any Cafes, Restaurant, Bar or Hotel looking to keep things frozen

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Fund your SKOPE equipment with one of our flexible finance plans such as Skope Own Me Plan. With a range of different options available there is something to suit businesses of all sizes. We finance fridges and freezers for storage, display, and food preparation as well as ice makers and blast chillers.

Skope finance plans give you benefits such as:
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Skope ReFlex RF8.UPC.2.SD 2 Door Upright Combo Fridge/Freezer
- Stainless Steel Exterior
- Stainless Steel Interior
- Internal Lighting
- -1°C to 5°C/Less than -18°C Temperature Range
- 40°C Ambient Rating
- Self-Closing Lockable Door
- Adjustable Shelves
- Able to hold Gastronorm Trays or Pans
- SKOPE-Connect Bluetooth App
- Top Mounted
- Removable Freezer and Fridge Cartridges
- 1400mm (W) x 820mm (D) x 2035mm (H)
- 2x 517ltr Storage Capacity

Do you want a reliable and robust fridge and freezer that is ideal for storing food products to be consumed within a day or to store frozen food products? Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia offers Skope ReFlex, which is a combination of fridge and freezer. You need not invest separately in a fridge and freezer as this dual purpose 2 door upright Skope equipment is ideal for any food chain, café, bakery, wine cellar or any business offering different beverages.

Skope ReFlex is All About Versatility

The 2 door stainless steel Skope ReFlex is known for its incredible technology, reliable performance, and unrivalled features, is cost-effective and more sustainable with the lowest carbon footprint. These features ensure the stored items are not only free from any contamination but also reduce food costs by bringing food spoilage to zero. Available options include upright fridge/freezer and under bench options as well.

Skope ReFlex: Build Quality

When it comes to reliability and robustness, nothing beats Skope ReFlex, available at Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia. Designed with cutting-edge technology and a sturdy stainless-steel body, Skope fridge and freezer provides Australian food businesses the build quality that can withstand the demands of busy food and beverage operations.

Skope ReFlex: The Ideal Fridge and Freezer for 40 °C Ambient Rating

For Australian business owners dealing with varying climate conditions, Skope ReFlex is the go-to solution. Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia proudly offers this 2-in-1 fridge and freezer combo that is engineered to perform optimally within 40 °C ambient ratings. Its excellent insulation and powerful cooling system make it ideal for Australian weather conditions.

Skope ReFlex: Adjustable Shelves for Customisation You Need

Flexibility is key in any fast-paced business environment. Skope ReFlex features adjustable shelving options, making it incredibly versatile for any storage needs. Offered by Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales Australia, this fridge-freezer unit allows Australian business owners to customise their storage space as per the demands of their business, from cafes to wine cellars.

Skope ReFlex Mobile App

Hospitality managers and food business owners are always on their toes for the efficient running of their businesses. In the era of information technology, it is vital to have trending gadgets that can help you monitor, control and operate your equipment and get the maximum output. Food businesses rely heavily on chillers, refrigerators and freezers to store and maintain their food items. The Skope ReFlex connect plus mobile app allows you to control and operate this 2 door fridge and freezer with your smartphone

Reduce Cost with Skope ReFlex Connect Plus Mobile App

The Skope Connect App puts you in control as it is a game-changer for businesses looking to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency. This intuitive app for Android phones centralises control over various operational aspects, from inventory management to employee scheduling. Real-time data analytics enable immediate adjustments, optimising resources and reducing waste. Its cloud-based architecture allows for seamless integration with existing systems, offering scalability as your business grows. By streamlining multiple functions into one platform, Skope ReFlex Connect Plus not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces overhead costs.

  1. Check average temperature
  2. Check energy consumption
  3. Check door opening of Skop fridge/freezer
  4. Check the estimated energy cost
  5. Check details on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  6. Train your staff by sharing the data using this app

Top Features of Skope ReFlex RF8.UPC.2.SD 2 Door Upright Combo Fridge/Freezer

Stainless Steel Exterior

The exterior of Skope ReFlex is made of durable stainless steel, providing a sleek design while also resisting corrosion and ensuring long-lasting quality.

Stainless Steel Interior

The stainless steel interior makes cleaning easier and offers a sanitary environment for food storage, making it ideal for compliance with food safety regulations.

Internal Lighting

Enhanced internal lighting ensures visibility, making it easier for staff to locate and retrieve products, ultimately increasing operational efficiency.

Temperature Range: -1°C to 5°C/Less than -18°C

Offers a dual temperature range, making it versatile for storing both fresh and frozen products while maintaining optimal food safety conditions.

40°C Ambient Rating

Engineered to perform efficiently in up to 40°C ambient temperatures, Skope ReFlex is ideal for the challenging Australian climate.

Self-Closing Lockable Door

The self-closing and lockable door feature offers added security and minimize energy wastage, a boon for busy retail environments.

Adjustable Shelves

The adjustable shelves offer incredible flexibility, allowing customisation to meet your specific storage needs—whether it's for bottles, pans, or trays.

Gastronorm Tray/Pan Compatible

Designed to hold gastronorm trays or pans, it provides a standardised size compatibility for commercial food storage and preparation.

SKOPE-Connect Bluetooth App

The Bluetooth-enabled SKOPE-Connect App allows for remote temperature monitoring and data analysis, enhancing operational efficiency.

Top Mounted

With its top-mounted design, this model optimises storage space and makes it easier to install in places where space is at a premium.

Removable Freezer and Fridge Cartridges

The removable cartridges for both the fridge and freezer sections make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Dimensions: 1400mm (W) x 820mm (D) x 2035mm (H)

Its generous dimensions provide ample storage space without sacrificing on performance or design aesthetics.

2x 517ltr Storage Capacity

With two compartments, each offering 517 litres of storage capacity, Skope ReFlex meets the high-volume storage needs of commercial operations.

More Information
Stainless Steel
3 Years on Parts and Labour
-1°C to 5°C/less than -18°C, with temperature display
Ambient Rating C = 40°C
Digital & Smart Phone App
1400mm (W) x 820mm (D) x 2035mm (H)
2550mm (W) x 655mm (D) x 1435mm (H)
Volume = 2x 517ltr
Power supply = 220-240 Volts, 6.0Amps
Power usage KWh/24hr/m² = Fridge side uses 2.18Kw/24 hours Freezer side uses 7.18Kw/24 hours Total of 9.36Kw/24 hours
Shelves per door = 5
Stainless Steel
300mm at Top
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