Thermaster Commercial Bar Fridges

Thermaster Commercial Bar Fridges
Everyone loves a nice chilled drink and bar fridges are a perfect compliment to any business. With glass or solid door options, LED lighting and adjustable shelving our bar fridges are an excellent choice. Made from premium materials and running with high-efficiency our commercial bar fridges will actually save you money in the long run. Our bar units are easy to use, portable and a must have for any establishment. You can also have temperature control options with our bar fridges so you maintain the perfectly cool beverages for any occasion. Designed exactly for use for the hot Australian weather your new bar fridge can be delivered fast with our Australia-wide shipping. View our selection online or chat with our staff today and order your own fast!

The Benefits of buying Commercial Bar Fridges?

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Bar refrigeration is perfect for presenting and marketing refrigerated products in an attractive way. It allows bar staff to quickly and securely access content from a bar fridge, even when other staff are working around them.

Since different drinks are best served when they’ve been chilled at the temperature required, it's important that the commercial bar fridge you choose enables you to maintain the ideal temperatures required for drinks, including beers, cocktails or wines. The commercial bar fridge models which we stock and sell include bar fridges that you can configure and set to specific holding temperatures to suit the beverage stored. Such features make each of our bar refrigerators models perfect for any bar setting, outdoor kitchen or hotel, as each bar fridge unit can be customized to suit the service and type of product.

Bar fridge doors can also be configured in three types: solid door, glass door, swinging door or sliding glass doors. Hinged door options feature a reversible door hinge and "stay open" feature, for easy restocking, while sliding doors are ideal for smaller, tighter spaces where frequent door openings are difficult, the door of you bar fridge may prove problematic.

What are the typical settings for a Bar fridge?

The bar fridge is typically used in the bar, dorm room, or a tight space where you desire access to refrigerated space. With storage volumes ranging from 80 to 145 litres, these fridges come with or without the freezer and can hold just about anything.

Wine coolers come in many sizes, and you can place them under the counter or near a bar to keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

In addition to being fit for service, bar fridges should look attractive so they can tempt you customers to pick a drink or make a purchase. Many bar fridges feature interior LED lighting to showcase the bottles and cans in their best light, and can be further customized with different door options, exterior finishes, and your choice of cabinet section system, either left or right.

What aspects to consider when you buy bar fridge online?

Keep in mind the following considerations before investing in a bar refrigerator for an alfresco kitchen, hotel, bar or any outdoor serving setup.

Performance and practicality

It is a particularly compact, practical and above all efficient appliance in terms of refrigeration. Moreover, a bar size fridge, which is generally small, takes up little space no matter where it is installed. A bar fridge is also easier to transport thanks to its lightness. Moreover, commercial bar fridge is the must have compact unit in a bar, cafe or hotel rooms.

Varieties of models

There are many choices in terms of bar fridge. Some models of these fridges have a glass door: they are called glazed bar fridges. Others have a compact door. These fridges are more intended for guest rooms. A bar fridge is often quiet, and its convenience guarantees the comfort of your customers.

Thus the parameters that you will have to take into account when buying your bar fridge, whether it is a professional bar fridge with compact doors or a glazed bar fridge, are identical: design of the models, dimensions, capacity, energy efficiency and price.

What are some other points to consider when choosing your bar fridge?

Considering the following aspects and features, you will be able to find the most suitable bar fridges for sale, according to your requirements.


In addition to the type of door, it is also necessary to take into account their number. 2 doors, 3 doors… This might seem trivial and yet it is an essential choice which will condition the pace of work as well as the quality of storage and even the overall harmony. From an ergonomic point of view, the choice between a set of hinged doors and a set of sliding doors will of course be essential. From an aesthetic point of view, the choice between solid door and glass door will make all the difference.


Then, to choose your refrigerated back bar professionally, the number of drawers will also be crucial. This will affect storage, ease of access and presentation. Similarly, when you are used to serving wine, it may be useful to opt for a 2-in-1 rear bar with a more or less large compartment reserved for wine bottles.

Refrigeration Type

The type of refrigeration will also be important. Whether static or forced air, this will have an impact on your daily life and on energy consumption. The energy class of the fridge will also be an element of great importance.

Ergonomics of the fridge

The ergonomic and technical aspect will play a crucial role in your final choice, but you must of course always keep the aesthetic aspect in mind. Succeeding in turning an essential accessory into a beauty asset is a tour de force that we inevitably encounter in the most welcoming bars. Feel free to check out reviews.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best models of commercial upright baker fridges for your Drinks, Display, Commercial Kitchen, Milk, Sandwich, and Cake. All our products including upright-vertical, underbench, back bar, countertop, display, bar fridges, alfresco beverage coolers, wine fridge-cellars, bakers, drink dispensers glass chiller, pizza-sandwich-prep, waste cooler, and roll-in are available for Australia wide delivery. Rest assured, we will be delighted to help you make a choice that fully meets your business needs. Get in touch with us or call us on 1300 733 715 during business hours or email us at [email protected] at any time. We will only be too happy to answer all your queries.

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  1. Thermaster DC-122Q Bar Fridge
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  2. Thermaster SC148SG Stainless Steel 1 Door Drink Cooler
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  3. Thermaster BLACK MAGIC Lg-138HC Under Bench 1 door Swing Bar Cooler/Chiller
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  4. Thermaster Black Magic SC148G 1 Door Drink Cooler
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  5. Thermaster HR200 Stainless Steel Bar Fridge
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  6. Thermaster HR200G Stainless Steel Bar Fridge with Glass Door
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